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Lessons Of Life By Death Essay

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Throughout The Aeneid by Virgil, the main character Aeneas travels for many years in search of a place to build a new city. Along the way he learns about love, compassion, sorrow, grief, and patience. He travels to nearly fifteen different places, leaving something behind in each one of them until he was able to find the place where he would build a new city. In book six of this epic Aeneas takes a trip down to the Underworld and comes out having learned several lessons. Upon Aeneas’s journey to the underworld he learns the pain of heartbreak, the power of reunion, and the spirits importance.
One of the most powerful lessons Aeneas learns in the underworld is the pain of heartbreak. As ...view middle of the document...

After seeing Dido, Sybil and Aeneas go to Elysium. When they get there they talk to Musaeus and ask where Anchises is and are directed towards him, then Anchises and his son Aeneas have a tearful reunion, “Let me hold your hands in mine, Father, do not pull away from my embrace!” (6.825-26). After seeing Dido and his father once more Aeneas feels the importance of love and how much he holds on to the memories he has of them. His travels to the underworld open up several doors of emotion after seeing lost love ones. This new writing style of showing emotion more often used by Virgil makes the lessons Aeneas learns in the underworld that much more significant.
A lesson taught by his father, the spirits importance, is yet another one Aeneas learns. When Anchises and Aeneas are having a conversation together after their reunion in the underworld they watch souls drinking from the River Lethe, waiting to be reborn. Anchises explains to his son that everything in the world exists. Including things like the moon, sun, stars, and land; they are all...

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