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Lessons On Being A Good Leader Described In John Maxwell's Book, Be A People Person

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In the book “Be a People Person,” the main objective John Maxwell pursues is the idea that every one of us should always try to bring out the best in others. He points out that this whole concept is what true leadership entails. Maxwell explains eleven specifically important lessons that each posses the idea that to become a better leader, one must “become better at connecting with, relating to, and leading others” (10). When interacting with others, it is important to make every effort possible to accept others for who they are, but without being judgmental of them.
Maxwell’s first lesson involves “understanding the qualities you enjoy in others” (11). In order for anyone to become a person that is well liked and admired by others, it is crucial to develop the qualities that you personally are attracted to in others. This means for example, if you really like when everyone around you is always smiling and has an optimistic personality, it is important that you note this action and that you yourself become an optimistic person and smile when you are around others. This is the first step in becoming a people person. It forces you to truly consider and realize just what it takes people to like themselves and others. Maxwell notes the “Golden Rule” in this lesson’s explanation: “You must treat people the same way you want them to treat you” (13). This includes, but is not limited to encouraging, appreciating, forgiving, listening, and fully understanding people (30).
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