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Lessons Plans Promoting A Diverse Learning Environment

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With the concept of multicultural education programs becoming more popular, educators are seeking new ways to present diversity into their school community, classrooms, and lesson plans. According to Birkel (2000), multicultural education is, first of all, education concerned with the teaching/learning processes and the acceptance and appreciation of diversity. Culturally relevant teaching practices give students the opportunity to learn in ways that are affirming, validating, and connected to their interests and backgrounds (Ladson-Billings, 1994). Effective lesson plans need to be designed objectively with consideration to all learners and their various differences.
Educators that have developed an appreciation for diversity will approach teaching with lessons that consider such differences as race, gender, social and economic status, languages, and disabilities. Furthermore, school leaders that understand the importance of multicultural education realize its effects on the learning outcome for all students. It is the school’s responsibility to develop an understanding of each learner and to base teaching and learning experiences on reliable and objective information (Manning & Baruth, 2009).
Classroom material and school wide activities that are nondiscriminatory will help students have a better understanding of the individual differences in each other. Furthermore, multicultural education can provide students with a stronger sense of acceptance within the school community; promoting better self- esteem and higher achievement throughout their school years. Richards, Brown, & Forde (2007) point out that culturally responsive pedagogy recognizes and utilizes the students' culture and language in instruction, and ultimately respects the students' personal and community identities. The purpose of this paper is to develop a lesson plan promoting a diverse classroom setting. The lesson plan will include student demographics, student learning objectives, anticipatory set, activity procedures, materials, and student evaluation.
Student Demographics
This lesson plan is prepared for a 6th grade History class. The class consists of 20 students ages 11-13. Of the 20 students, there are 11 boys and 9 girls. Two students have been diagnosed with Autism and have trouble with verbal expression. One student has been diagnosed with Social Disorder and has poor social relations with classmates. One student is hearing impaired and has trouble distinguishing certain sound in oral speech. Seven students are English Language Learners with Spanish as their first language. Three of these students are academically behind grade level. One student is repeating the sixth grade class due to failure. Seventeen students are Hispanic. Two students are African American. One student is Asian. This student is proficient in English and is academically on grade level.
Student Learning Objective:
• Through the use of class discussion, chapter...

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