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Lessons To Be Learned From The Book Of Daniel

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Daniel was a prophet and also the author of the Old Testament book of Daniel. The time period in which this book took place was between 560 to 530 B.C. (Smith). Daniel was a servant to King Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar told Daniel to only worship the god of Nebuchadnezzar’s choosing and that Daniel could only eat certain foods. Daniel and his friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, refused to listen to the king. This choice resulted in all four of them being thrown into the burning flames of a furnace. They survived because of their faith in God and God saved them from death in the flames. Daniel also showed his faith in God when he faced the lions in the lion’s den. Daniel was told not to worship his God but he did anyways so he was thrown into the lion’s den. Daniel knew God was faithful and he had faith God would be there for him. Daniel also received visions from God about the coming Messiah and the end times. This is when Daniel’s prophecies began.
The major theme of Daniel is that God is sovereign and He is always triumphant (“Book of Daniel”). God shows that He is triumphant when he saves Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego from the burning furnace and when He saves Daniel from the lions. Daniel had faith in God and God was faithful to Daniel.
Daniel’s name means “God is my judge” (Blank). Daniel was born in Jerusalem during the reign of king Josiah. “Daniel appears to have been of royal blood and from the kingdom of Judah” (Freeman 272). Daniel was taken captive by the Babylonians when he was just a teenager.
The account of Daniel’s life really begins when he has to stand up for his beliefs. He refused to eat the food the king told him to eat because he knew it was unhealthy and, instead, ate vegetables and water. As a result of this diet, he was healthier then the men who ate what the king ordered.
The next recorded event in Daniel’s life was when he was asked to interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. He had to face the challenge of interpreting the dream without even being told what the dream was. He interpreted it correctly and, as a result, he held a high position with the king.
The king issued a decree that everyone in the kingdom must bow down and worship him and him alone. Daniel refused to stop praying to God and was seen praying by the king’s officials. They reported it back to the king and Daniel was ordered to be thrown into the lion’s den. He spent the night in the den with the lions and the next morning the king rushed to see if Daniel was alive. Daniel told the king that he was alive because an angel had come and shut the mouths of the lions.
The final events of Daniel are the visions from God. The visions included the prophecy of the Messiah and the end times.
Daniel had a very significant affect on the the Babylonian kingdom. He helped King Nebuchadnezzar by interpreting his dreams. When Daniel interpreted the dream of the tree he told the king...

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