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AbstractThe objective of this case study analysis is to address various situations and obstacle at Faith Community Hospital for a stronger and healthier community and clarifying any misinterpreted by the Pat, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and the hospital's newly promoted to Executive Assistant (EA), Chris Smith and other hospital staff of its mission statement. Solutions for these problems will be discussed.Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive AssistantCase Study AnalysisCritical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making - MGT 350, Strategies in Decision Making class article: Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant, has three key situations at the Faith Community Hospital among others. Chris (EA) and Pat, (CEO) will resolve these key situations.Identify the ProblemThe most common problem with the hospital administrators is the rising cost of healthcare pricing plans and to stop the hospital from losing money, which Pat and Chris differ. The second concerned is ethical and legal aspects of Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) directives and the moral and religious affect that these directives have on the hospital's customer base. The third concern, "medical errors cause tens of thousands of death each year, close to 100,000 in hospitals alone" (University of Phoenix material, n.d.).Criteria, Goals, and ObjectivesPat and Chris goals of their decision should not infringe on any one group. The DNR information, which involves customer's perception, religious, and medical ethics, should be a cooperation plan. The medical errors and healthcare pricing involve a mixed method from the hospital management and employees.Effects of the ProblemThe Faith Community Hospital situation will continually be short-term or a long term on the DNR situation. The majority...

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680 words - 3 pages considering solutions to these challenges, it is important to include all parties involved. This speaks to everyone in the entire community, as the hospital is still a not-for-profit service organization.There are some great alternatives to solving the religious beliefs conflicts with the medical staff and patients. Policies are most often unfavorable, but much needed in the business spectrum. Implementing a policy to initiate the religious beliefs of

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2107 words - 8 pages information on current regulations if needed.Implement the DecisionTo ensure the success of the new procedures the Faith Community Hospital will immediately begin the process of acquiring and updating DNR orders on regular doctor visitations. The collection of DNR order will be executed as an extra step of the outpatient registration process. The sharing of administrative functions and procedures will make take effect the first day of the next

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1824 words - 7 pages hospital from running smoothly and efficiently. All of these issues range from ethical dilemmas, to personal feelings, to monetary situations, to personal rights. The first issue I'd like to discuss is the employee's inability to view situation in the same scope. In the case study "let it pour" it stated that lots of the personnel treat patients differently, in this case I'm talking about the don not resuscitate (DNR) procedure. They had three

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1690 words - 7 pages The case study Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant, provides us with a look at the problems of Faith Community Hospital. The CEO of the hospital has indicated that these problems may threaten the very existence of the hospital if they are not identified, evaluated, assessed, and resolved in the near future. The problems that surround the hospital are by no means isolated to Faith Community Hospital, but are a reflection of

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1736 words - 7 pages The article entitled: "Let it pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant", poses three major problems facing the Faith Community Hospital organization. Chris Smith was recently promoted to the position of Executive Assistant, and is tasked with helping the troubled Chief Executive Officer solve these issues. Chris has recently graduated from the University of Phoenix, and is very excited about the prospect of helping the CEO with such an

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1962 words - 8 pages and resistance to change, however, the entire staff needs to understand that this is in the best interest of the hospital and their participation is vital to keeping the doors open to treat the patients who walk in the doors.ReferenceUniversity of Phoenix course material (n.d.) Case Study: Let it Pour - My FirstAssignment as Executive Assistant.

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2310 words - 9 pages .), "Provider Participation Information", Retrieved February 8th, 2005from http://www.dhhs.state.nc.us/dma/optical/3.pdfGerteiss, Margaret, et al., Through the Patient's Eyes. Understanding and PromotingPatient-Centered Care. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1993.Olson, G (1997), "The 1997 Federal Balanced Budget Act: Background and PotentialImplications for the States", para. 27, Retrieved February 9th, 2005 fromhttp://ows.doleta.gov/dmstree/uipl/uipl97/uipl_4497.htmUniversity of Phoenix Course Material (n.d.), "Case Study Let it Pour My FirstAssignment as an Executive Assistant", p. 2

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1501 words - 6 pages Let It Pour: A Critical Thinking Case StudyThere is growing problem that is facing all operations of the Faith Community Hospital. From administrative staff members down to the nurses and doctors, all personnel have lost the intent and scope of the vision. With the different agendas that are being introduced into the daily operations, it has become a very difficult task for the management team and the various members of its support staff to

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1227 words - 5 pages most painful part. It may be necessary to cut back on staffing. No one wants to address this issue, but if the hospital must cut costs, reduction in staff must be considered. This should first be done by looking at the reduction of non-essential staff and services. Some of the responsibilities of these positions might be able to be combined, or the positions might be contracted out. It may be necessary to let go nurses and doctors as well. The

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801 words - 3 pages board of directors, among others, has spent their time and prior knowledge creating rules and regulations that would not only benefit the hospital, but the patients as well. This is something that must be reiterated and understood by the staff. One of the possibilities to help with these issues is training to allow the staff to understand why the rules are in place to ensure that it is not taken as a "Because I said so ... "rule.Faith Community

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2448 words - 10 pages utilized by the hospital staff.Let it pour: A critical thinking case studyProblemsCurrently, there are wide array of concerns that are plaguing the hospital's ability to run and maintain its daily functions. These concerns have become so interwoven into the daily operations that the very stability of the hospital has become threatened. There are three major concerns that need to be addressed and are currently effecting the internal operation of the

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Let It Pour My First Assignment As Executive Assistant

2023 words - 8 pages Let it pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant is an article that deals with problems at Faith Community Hospital. Chris Smith was just promoted to Executive Assistant at the hospital. His first task is put together a preliminary report that the CEO will use to prepare his speech for a staff meeting This is the first staff meeting of its kind in almost ten years. Solving the problems the hospital is facing seems to be important to the

"Let It Pour: My First Assignment As Executive Assistant"

1308 words - 5 pages primary goal as executive assistant of the information technology department is to improve and maintain the core values that this company has established over the past one hundred years of its existence. Providing health services to the community and retaining partnerships that share the same vision and values will better position us for a successful outcome in the future.It has become increasingly obvious over the past two years that the

Let It Pour: My First Assignment As Executive Assistant

844 words - 3 pages Problem DefinitionFaith Community Hospital is facing numerous issues as the staff and management have fused their religious beliefs with their work. Clearly, the purpose and the meaning of the mission statement has not been communicated to every employee of the organization. As a result, the hospital has run into numerous problems. We would first have to list these problems before identifying solutions for implementation.1. Even though the

Critical Thinking Case Study: "Let It Pour My First Assignment As Executive Assistant"

1969 words - 8 pages This paper will discuss a case study "Let it Pour My First Assignment as Executive Assistant" (Let It Pour, 2004). Chris Smith is looking forward to a new challenge as the executive assistant to the chief professional officer at Faith Community Hospital. Chris is a recent graduate of the University of Phoenix. Chris's first assignment is to put together a report that will serve as the guide to her boss, Pat's, first employee meeting in ten years