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Let It Rain Essay

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In many cultures all over the world their religions view death in numerous different ways. The author Leslie Marmon Silko depicts this in a short story called “The Man to Send Rain Clouds”. The author herself is of mixed ancestry including Laguna Pueblo Indian, Mexican, and white enabling her to write a short complex story of a culture trying to maintain their own religion when living in a society of what religion is expected and right in others eyes(Literature for Life, 1243). The theme of “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” focuses on death, understanding everyone has different cultures, and respecting others.
To begin, death is a the main focus in the story “The Man to Send Rain Clouds”. ...view middle of the document...

Father Paul is upset stating, “Why didn’t you tell me he was dead? I could have brought the Last Rites anyway.”(Literature for life, 1245). Leon claims that the action is unnecessary, yet the priest says for there to be a Christian burial the Last Rites were needed. Leon does not argue or say anything negative to the priest for wanting a Christian burial ,because he understands everyone has their own cultures. Then Leon notices how distant the priest sounds and how tired his eyes seem and makes a decision. He pulls together Catholic beliefs and Native American traditions to try and get the priest to be part of the burial by saying, “It’s O.K., Father, we just want him to have plenty of water.”(Literature for life, 1245). Thus, in the end the priest comes to terms with his struggles and respects Teofilo enough to combine both cultures in his burial.
Lastly, respect plays an important role in the theme of this story. There is great respect for Teofilo by Ken, Leon, and the rest of his family, as well as by Father Paul. Not only does Father Paul respect Teofilo, but he also respects the Native Americans and their traditions and culture. And even when there is a death and their religions clash, there is great enough respect that they all set their differences...

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