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Organs are illegal to sell. When a person gets an organ, it is usually because another person has died and allowed an organ company to take their organ free of charge. Some organs can be donated while the person is living, however the possibilities are limited. A person is able to have a living donation on a kidney, liver, a lobe of the lung, portion of the intestine, or part of the pancreas. Performing living donations would be very beneficial. Not many people will do it though, unless it is for a family member. Legalizing the sale of organs would make more people participate Organs should be able to be sold under any circumstance, to anyone. Doing this would grant people the rights, they are said to already posses, lower poverty and death, and help the economy.
If an organ is taken from a living person, rather than the deceased, then it has many more benefits. If an organs was taken from the living then it would: decrease the years of waiting for an organ, increase the amount of organs, and lessen chance of rejection. ("Frequently Asked Questions..."). The number of organs donated from the living will not go up, not until a law is passed that legalizes organs to be sold.
As the years go by, the need for organs is growing. Health among society is getting worse; more people are needing replacement organs. Replacement organs are not that easy to get though. In 2009, a law called the Organ Trafficking Prohibition Act tried to get passed. This act allowed donors to get paid for their organs, but this idea was destroyed when it reached congress ("Which Organ Can..."). Congress saw the act as demoralizing and inhuman. If this act would have gotten passed, then it would have substantially increased the amount of donated organs and saved thousands of lives. An act like this needs to get passed in the near future, so that no more innocent people die.
When people are waiting for their organ more people die than who get their organ. On a 2010 list, 34,000 people were on the list and only 17,000 people actually got their organ ("Why Selling Kidney..."). In Richmond, VA there is a company called the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) which is responsible for the waiting lists. They are open twenty-four hours three hundred and sixty-five days a week. ("How Organ Donation..."). With the substantial amount of hours that UNOS is spending one would think more people would get the organ they are waiting for, but they cannot give people what they don't have. If there are no organs for them to give the people, then the people will just have to remain waiting. This is why there needs to become an abundance of available organs so no one has to wait any longer. The people have waited enough.
Why is there even a shortage of organs in the first place? In the United States thousands of people die per day. Thousands of people per day are also told the dark new, that they need a new organ. There are estimated to be around the same number of people who are dying...

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