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Let’s Talk About Jailbreak Essay

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What is jailbreak? Jailbreak is a something that happens when an owner of an “idevice” hacks with software. The term “idevice” is short for iPod, iPad, iPhone because instead of saying each item over and over, this term is easy to remember and saves time when speaking about technology. I believe people should decide to jailbreak their idevice because it can give more value by not following apples rules, its legal and more features.
The company named apple can seem nice to an average person, but to a jailbreakers, they ruin the freedom. Jailbreakers are persons that use software to hack their idevice because people like myself like to believe in freedom for our device. Apple is a company is managed by Tim cooks, he and his employees like to release technology products like from their famous iPods to their iPhone with updates that bring beneficial to non-tech person. This is because people who haven’t tried to jailbreak their idevice can’t see a resemblance between a feature added by Cydia and a similar on by apple. The company apple isn’t happy with people that jailbreak their idevice because to them its called unauthorized modifications which is true because they don’t know what a person does, but this ruins the believe of freed device.
Many people believe that jailbreak an idevice is illegal, but thanks to an act, it is legal to jailbreak. When people hear the word jailbreak, the first question that they asks is “is it legal?” because if it was illegal, not many people would do it. The answer to this question is yes its legal because it protected under the Digital Millennium copyright act (DMCA) because of an exemption added in October 2012. According to Condliffe’s article” Jailbreaking is now legal for smartphones-but not tablets” the following was added as the exemption to DMCA; “computer programs that enable wireless telephone handsets to execute lawfully obtained software applications, where circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of enabling interoperability of such applications with computer programs on the telephone handset” which means that third party software like Cydia is allowed to install and run aside by legal software with the purpose of being used inside of a telephone. To explain the added exemption is that as long the Jailbreaking software like Cydia or any other identical app doesn’t interfere with legal app like the app store from working, then any person has the legal power to jailbreak their own idevice or another person with their permission. The exemption...

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