Let's Fulfill The American Dream Through A Good Marriage

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Throughout the years marriage has drifted from its original meaning, which is described as, "the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife," by Oxford Dictionary. Today, marriage can be formed between people of opposite sex, people of the same sex, a man and multiple women, and many more. Many people disagree with forms of marriage other than heterosexual marriage. This is because they go against religious beliefs, as well as alter the true meaning of marriage. People who claim to be "Christians" who are, or support homosexuality, are directly going against God. Marriage is supposed to be a sacred covenant between a man and a ...view middle of the document...

For example, if someone wants to adopt a child, the child should be able to interview the potential parents, and also be able to spend a complete weekend with them in order for the child and the parents to get to know each other in depth. I am very sure that a child should be permitted to make the decision and the choice of which family he or she will be building a everlasting relationship with. If the child is given this opportunity, he or she is sure that the judgment made was good. Although every family is not perfect, the child is still presented with the chance to choose what is best for his or herself, and homosexual couples are most likely not what is best for them.
Gender role is also a very important key to a natural family. The man of the house is known to be the person who goes to work, comes home, and do yard work such as cutting the grass, and racking the leaves. The woman of the house is mostly known to prepare a meal for the family, wash the clothes, and tend to the children. If a person chooses to have a homosexual family it can cause confusion with in the house hold. The child...

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