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The Good And Bad Aspects Of Disney Movies

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The debate over the good and bad aspects of Disney movies has been going on for years. It has become a part of pop culture in a way never expected through things such as YouTube videos and meme’s. While looking at multiple Disney movies may give a wider range of example of both the good and the bad in Disney movies, to help depict the effects the movies actually have on kids it is most beneficial to study just one movie. Zia’s essay argues that Disney movies have a good influence on children by teaching them good life morals. However, one of her examples, Mulan, is not an example of achievement through hard work like Zia explains, but rather a change made through magic, and example of the horrible historical inaccuracies made in Disney movies and the lack of parental respect that they teach children.
Zia’s main point in using Mulan as part of her argument for the good of Disney movies is saying that Mulan is an example of how hard work and determination will pay off in the end. The movie may appear to give this message to young kids but do not forget how she found this courage she needed. However, it is with the help of magic the Mulan accomplishes this great feat. When Mulan left for training her ancestors came alive to help decide what to do to help Mulan. They called on Mushu, a tiny little dragon, to awaken the great dragon to help Mulan conquer the difficulties that lie ahead. When he fails, Mushu himself goes to aid Mulan. I know what you are thinking, Mushu is not magical therefore he is not the reason for Mulan turning into a badass! The truth is Mushu lied to Mulan about being the magical creature that would train her and give her the support she needed to accomplish this incredibly difficult task. Throughout the entire the training process and the war, Mulan is under the impression that she has the protection of her ancestors and the luck from a lucky cricket. While Zia was correct in saying that through Mulan hard work and determination she accomplished something incredible, it is important to acknowledge that she did not do this on her own. Mulan would have never been able to become the warrior she was without the help of Mushu. Mushu “magically” alters Mulan’s life for the better and without him she would have given up. This can lead children to believe that the only way they can accomplish anything is with the help of magic or some else. Children can learn to become dependent on others instead of growing up with the courage to be independent and responsible for their own actions and accomplishments. If Mulan were to come to the decision on her own to stay and train to fight the movie would have a more positive message for children regarding self-motivation and determination.
One of the greatest flaws in most Disney movies is the horribly inaccurate historical references. Many people may not know that Mulan is actually based off of the old Chinese folktale of Hau Mulan. The story goes that a young girl, about the age of twelve,...

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