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Let’s Keep Improving Essay

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My transition from high school to college has made me realize that there are numerous differences between high and college English reading and writing. I have noticed that my reading and writing skills are improving as the levels of my education move on. In elementary I was taught to write my name and friendly letters, it was there were I started to read short books. As the years past I got to middle school where I started writing short stories and reading more complex books. Moving on in high school we started writing essays and reading novels. This past years I used to refer to reading and writing as two different things with no relationship between them. Now that I am already done with elementary, middle school and high school, as a college student the improvement in reading and writing is still continuing. College is a time for more improvement, a place where students recognize that reading and writing are complements, in order to read well we need to be able to write well and vice versa, to write well we need to be able to read well.
High school was a good experience, since I was an ELD (English Learner Development) student my first year in high school did not consist of essays and reading long novels as compared to my other freshmen fellows. My first year was pretty tranquil, I was taught the basics of English reading and writing. Starting my freshman year I began learning about sentence structure, tense usage, vocabulary and grammar. These writing areas are certainly critical to English writing and reading. Without this elements the real meaning or content of the writing, when reading it or writing can be misunderstand. That year I started reading Goosebumps books, being familiar with sentence structure tense usage, new vocabulary and grammar helped me get a better understanding of the reading. Utilizing this writing elements when reading also helped me to potentially control the flow of the reading.
It was until my sophomore year that I started reading lengthy novels such as Romeo and Juliet. Although at the end this novel was interesting, I was practically forced to read it. Once I finished reading the novel along with the class, the teacher commanded us to write an essay summarizing the content of the novel. That essays was pretty irritating because after spending weeks reading the novel Romeo and Juliet we had to spend time writing an essay where we had to summarize the love story of two foolish teenagers. In addition, the five paragraph essay structure was introduced to the class, I was not just forced to write a nonsensical essay but also use a specific format to develop my essay. I still recall the hamburger that my teacher will always draw in the white board, neatly divided into different sections and every single one of them will representing an important part of the essay. That included the introduction, thesis, body paragraphs and conclusion.
Junior year suddenly arrived, since I was behind in my English...

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