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Let’s Look At This Realistically: What To Do About Bottled Water

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Depending on the criteria used for evaluation, plastic water bottles can be seen in a largely positive or negative light. When looking at the problems with bottled water, we consider the environment, cost and health concerns that apply to bottled water. On the other hand, plastic water bottles can be seen in a positive light when the nutritional value and convenience are measured. For these reasons, water bottles are a good thing but they don’t necessarily outweigh the negative effects of bottled water. A few solutions have been made-up to try and solve the problem but only one of them really works. Though water is healthy, plastic water bottles are not worth the money they use and damage they cause to the environment and to our health.
If they are judged on the basis of the waste build up, it seems that they are not a good product to keep manufacturing. Landfills, today, are filled with recyclable products including millions of plastic water bottles. Janice Denehy, an executive editor of The Journal of School of Nursing, writes in Water for Sale: What are the Costs?, “In 2006, over 22 billion empty plastic water bottles were thrown into the trash.” (2008, p.59) For reasons like laziness and inconvenience people seem to have a difficult time properly disposing of water bottled. This number is ever increasing throughout the years. Denehy also points out, “It is estimated that only 10% of plastic water bottles are recycled.” (2008, p. 59) While not all plastic bottles are thrown out, ten percent is still a very small number to be proper disposed of. The worst part of this is that not all of the bottles being thrown away are going to land fills. Janet Jemmott agrees in her article Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water: Rethink What You Drink, published in Readers Digest saying, ‘The rest are tossed onto beaches and roadsides and into landfills, where they could be around for a thousand years.” (2008, p. 4) The bottles end up everywhere. People leave them lying wherever they go including parks and beaches where wildlife is preset. Peter Green writes in The Life of a Plastic Water Bottle, “Plastic bottles and other waste wash into oceans, where they degrade and endanger marine life and ecosystems.” (2012, p. 4) There is an enormous amount of waste circulating through our oceans that can endanger marine life. Green also uses an example of a baby Laysan, which is a bird, found dead in Hawaii. With further investigation it was discovered that the insides of the bird were filled with bits of plastic including bottle caps. (Green, 2012) Not only is marine life endangered by plastic waste, all species of animals are in danger. The bright colors can draw animals to eat the trash and cause further problems from there. Water bottles last a long time so it gives more opportunity to cause harm. It can take hundreds of years for the bottles to decompose. That leaves many wasted products that could be reused to take up space and ruin the environment.
Those against water...

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