Let's Not Waste Words Essay

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Let’s not waste words!
There are six major barriers to effective business communication, and let´s try to avoid them by looking at their definitions, in paragraph format, and giving an example of each.
The first barrier is the cliché. Like, “there is a bridge…” No. There is no bridge; in fact, they are very difficult to build, sometimes so costly, impossible. While listening to a lecture or speech, clichés are ineffective because they make us think about things irrelevant to the subject matter. It’s hard to focus on the topic, for example, if the topic were about G-d or religion, a cliché like “there is a bridge….” would distract too much. A person would probably need to seriously and rigorously (although with pleasure) listen about holy texts.
The second barrier is jargon. These are highly technical words or references that most people do not know off hand, like “you know the 561 commandment, of the 613 commandments, from G-d?” It would be hard to know all of them, which is why they come in a condensed form of ten; nevertheless, it’s good to refer to them some time later, perhaps after the lecture or talk, but a barrier when used in a lecture, unless defined clearly. By the way, the 561 commandment is “a judge must not pervert justice.” Leviticus 19:15 (Retrieved from http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/756399/jewish/The-613-Commandments.htm)
The third barrier is slang. These are words that have other meanings than they are commonly known to have. This example is surprising and new – “money” pronounced mun-ee. This word means billions and billions of dollars, and not maybe $10 or $20 to go out to eat and see a movie. This word has caused serious barriers and problems, even in banks and governments, who are confused about how much things cost. One personal example is last summer I had some extra “money” and took my son swimming at an outdoor pool in a nice hotel. It cost about 10 dollars. Someone said to me, if you can afford pay those prices, you can afford to go to the beach and swim there. The bus ride to the...

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