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“Let’s Party” Essay

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“I was beyond wasted and so was just about everyone at the party that night, I was young and saw a cute guy (who was just as drunk as well) we started to flirt and he seemed like a nice guy. As the party came to an end, people left me and the guy had decided to crash there. That night we ended up having sex, we use a condom but the condom broke. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant at 16, the guy ran out and wasn't there for the pregnancy nor the birth of his son.” This story is one of the millions of stories that teenagers are able to share with their friends at the lunch table every year. Although not every story may be as extreme, the partying that teenagers are involved in is becoming more and more severe. Children are growing up at an extremely fast rate and this is evident through the underage drinking, drug use, and meaningless sexual activity.

Alcohol drinking is becoming one of the most severe issues in a developing teenager’s life. The benefits of alcohol for teenagers are miniscule and hundreds of thousands of teens participate in the drinking of it. In any one month, according to The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (U.S.) 31% of high school student’s binge drink at least once. Binge drinking is when a person drinks alcohol with the primary intention on being intoxicated. When going out, 31% of students drink with the intention of getting drunk. They also state, 11.4% of all alcohol consumed in the United States, is consumed by teenagers. Although drinking may seem like the cool thing to do as teenager, about 5,000 teens die every year due to alcohol use and death does not make a person cool. (“Teenage Drinking”) Another anonymous story says, “I had way too much and puked all over the bathroom floor. I got into the shower and took of my pants, and then I went downstairs and fell asleep in the bathtub. The water was on so I might have drowned if my friends hadn't found me. They helped me into my bedroom and I fell asleep there instead.” Alcohol completely alters people’s decision making and when you are still developing, it has more serious effects. Research indicates that the brain continues to develop until age 21, and developing brains can be irreversibly damaged by alcohol. The restricted age limit put on alcohol is actually a very important number. 21 is the age that your brain is thought to be fully developed. The rule wasn’t just a pointless number; it was set for a reason and in order to keep people safe it should be followed.

The next growing issue that seems to be occurring all over the U.S. is teenagers and smoking weeding, chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes, and participating in other harmful drug use. Teenagers can start using drugs for multiple reasons. Many try drugs out of curiosity, to party and have a good time, pressure put on by their friends, to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. The use doesn’t typically lead to an addiction and there is no way to tell the amount of uses it takes...

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