What If Kayne West Is Retarded?

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In the article, “What If Kayne West is Retarded?” the author is ridiculing Kayne West and explaining how much of a complete imbecile he is. The author’s primary purpose of this article is to inform the intended audience on how moronic Kayne really is. The secondary purpose of this article is to entertain the audience. The article is broken down into four different sections explaining the various reasons why he is allegedly retarded. The tone is conversational and sarcastic. In this article, the sentence structure is simple, but some complex sentences are also used. Such as the sentence structure, the word choice of the article uses simple and complex words. The author incorporates structure, tone, word choice, and sentence structure in this article to captivate the audience he is addressing his proposal for.
The intended audience for the article is teens to mid-aged adults. The age is ranged between fourteen and thirty-five years of age. This designated age group is significant because these are the ages that people would listen to Kayne West’s music. For this audience, gender is not favored due to the fact that both boys/girls and men/women both listen to the style of music Mr. West sings. Even though not obviously acknowledged, race is part of the intended audience. Since Kayne is an African American the African American race is a fraction of the designated audience. Lastly, the middle class is also a big part of the audience. The middle class are the people who usually keep up with and care about what the celebrities have to say or what they are doing.
The article’s primary purpose is to inform the audience. The author conveys that Kayne West is an absolute idiot. Throughout the article, the author uses specific examples to explain how Mr. West is “a complete fucking moron.” Hypocritically, Kayne decides to write an autobiography about himself, but then states that he is a “proud non-reader who doesn’t see the value in books.” Also, in his book he states how he “hates to use the word hate.” In Kayne’s albums he goes on in expressing how he is against college and the education system all together. He believes that people are being influenced by the wrong skills; I guess that is why in his book he had numerous misspelled words and grammatical errors. This also makes Kayne West seem illiterate. Although the primary purpose is to inform; the secondary purpose is to entertain.
The secondary purpose of this article is to entertain the audience by making fun of Kayne West and using sarcastic language. The author uses a funny, but sarcastic comment referring to Kayne’s statement about having “little baby Tourettes” by saying that he is going to invent an alcoholic beverage that will keep people from controlling their speech and he will call it “Little Baby Tourettes.” The author also pokes fun at Kayne by taunting his book. The author states that,” It would be a perfect toilet book and just another piece to add to Kayne’s collection of...

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