Let Us Share And Burn This Is A 675 Word Essay That Disscuss Why The Music Industrie Should Let Us Burn Our Own Cd's.

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Thanks to software that is made easily available on the internet any one can have the newest hit CD in just one simple click of a button. However, the music industry looks at this as a crime. If you ask me I think the only crime is paying anywhere from fifteen to twenty dollar for a CD that might only have one good song on it. The industry claims that the 2.6 billion music files downloaded each month cost the songwriters almost 3 billion dollars a year in income. So instead of the industry moving quickly to fill the demand of easy to find, low cost music they have lunched an aggressive campaign to stop the sharing of music file.Officials of the music industry will sit down with in the next month and try to recruit people to fight music sharing on the internet. They want to bar music downloading and monitor computers at the risk of invading personal privacy. Four years ago, they tried to stop this downloading by suing Napster - the first major music sharing business. As everyone knows, the industry won. Even though they killed Napster, they did not kill the practice because immediately other sites popped up and it became even more popular.Now I personally feel that the industry is alienating the fans. There are several reasons why people download music files. One is that it is easy and reliable to download quality audio from the Web very quickly. Fans find it faster to download the complete album off a website, than to purchase it at a store. The songs are available weeks to months in advance. In addition, some of us have purchased a CD and only liked two or three songs on the CD; music lovers like having the luxury of sampling the music before they may buy the CD. People still like to have the originals for there collections and maybe prefer to listen to a burnt one instead of the good copy. Therefore, it...

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