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Natalie 5Natalie SantenMs. BurmanExpository CompositionBlock E / March 10, 2014Lethal CrueltyMany people believe that capital punishment is necessary, but how can the government tell people that it is wrong to kill, when they are killing too. It is a long and drawn-out process to execute a prisoner through lethal injections. Many states use a "barbiturate called sodium thiopental" to execute prisoners, while other states ship illegal drugs from other countries to the United States.Joel Zivot, an anesthesiologist who feels strongly about lethal injections states, "When I gave a patient sodium thiopental, it was a medicine whose purpose was to heal. When the state gave sodium thiopental to a prisoner, it was a poisonous chemical whose purpose was to kill" (Zivot). Sodium thiopental is often called "the truth serum". One injection of this drug will cause the patient to tell the truth, and only the truth, for a certain period of time. Lethal injections using sodium thiopental is cruel and is said to be an unusual form of torture.Sodium thiopental is not only faulty, but "cruel and unusual". An inmate from an Ohio prison took around 25 minutes to be executed. This inmate was a convicted killer that was ordered the death penalty. Instead of using the original dose of sodium thiopental, they had used a combination of untested drugs to execute the killer. The inmate was executed using midazolam, along with a few other substances. Midazolam has a very similar effect as sodium thiopental. It is a fast acting sedative that will cause the patient to drift into sub consciousness. Many people who are injected with midazolam are being executed or persecuted.Illegal drugs are being imported from different countries for the execution of criminals in state prisons. "The inmates argue that the FDA acted improperly in 2010 when it allowed some state prison systems to import foreign-made sodium thiopental for use in executing prisoners" (Doyle). Illegal drugs such as sodium thiopental are being imported from other countries to the United States for lethal injections. Sodium thiopental is not specifically made in the US. Inmates claim the FDA acted favorably when it allowed certain state prisons to import drugs for executions by injection and have created a lawsuit.Many inmates are challenging the FDA for accepting the illegal importation of drugs. Michael Doyle tells the story and lawsuit of executed murderer. "Daniel Wayne Cook sexually assaulted, tortured and killed two men, a jury agreed. He's dead now, executed last August [2012] in an Arizona prison. But Cook's name lives on, as part of a lawsuit challenging the Food and Drug Administration's allowing importation of a drug used in executions by injection" (Doyle). Cook had died and is known very well for a lawsuit he had created against illegally importing drugs used in executions by injection in state prisons in the US while in prison.An opposite side of the argument states that anesthesiologists are debating...

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