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Lets Talk About Sex Write An Essay On A Contraversal Subject

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Let's Talk About SexShould sex education be taught in our schools? There has been a tremendous amount of controversy over sex education courses being taught in schools. Some people believe that the knowledge about sex will create a more promiscuous environment I today's younger generation. It is my opinion that the average teenage pregnancy and STD's rate are at its peak due to a lack of knowledge relating to sex. Nearly 13 percent of all U.S. births in 1997 were to teens (ages 15 to 19), and nearly 75 percent of all unmarried teen mothers go on welfare within 5 years of the birth of their first (Ask Noah 2 & 3). The cases of teenagers contracting the HIV virus are growing at an alarming rate. Today, mankind is seemingly condoning premature sexual encounters, using music, music videos, and movies. So why not teach the effects and consequences of sex? Sex education should be taught to prevent teen pregnancies, prevent the spread of the HIV virus, and to cut back on poverty in our society.Pregnancy in teens is increasing at unbelievable rates not only due to lack of education, but a lot of the times that is the case. With hormonal changes going on in the bodies of people, urges often over rule the critical thinking about the consequences of unprotected and premature sex even in adults. I feel that if sex education is taught in schools a lot of the teen pregnancies would decrease. I am not saying that it would completely disappear, but it would indeed help. Without educating our teens, our babies will continue to raise babies. This may seem to be an over exaggeration but it is proved every time a fifteen year girl gives birth to a child. Most times the grandparents will raise the child. It is a hard job raising children, especially when the parent is a young girl that hasn't completely been raised her self.The rate of teens contracting the HIV virus is on the rise. While many people between the ages of 15 through 24 go untested in the U.S., AIDS is hitting young people with force (Aids Crisis 3). This virus has proved over again that it has no preference in victims. The HIV virus was first found in gay communities but has coerced its way into the lapse of people and air community and financial status, including married couples and children. Sex education would not only teach safe sex techniques but would also teach self-respect and our teens. With movies videos and the music of today's youth sending signals of promiscuous behavior and disrespect, intervention is a must. I feel that we can't continue to let our children go through life uneducated about sex. Without sex education the security of our future as a...

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