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INTRODUCTION: Should we tell the truth or not? Within the text that question will be answered. Some people believe that honesty is the best policy, but is that really true? I have done a lot of research and found out what is really right to do. As you may know, in the Bible it says to tell the truth, but how come no one obeys this rule. It is even one of the ten commandments “thou shall not lie”!

Have you ever lied about someone or something in your life? I know I have. Did you also know that lying is a sin? Well it sure is. Lying is when you tell someone something false about someone or something you did. Lying may seem like a horrible thing to do, but is it really. I mean, do you ...view middle of the document...

When you tell the truth, you can hurt someones feelings and then they would probably hold a grudge. If you lie, that someone that you didn't tell, would still be mad that you didn't tell them the truth and in the long run, they would still probably hold a grudge.

“I went to the Mall today and bought this new sweater!” Kathryn gushed, giving a fashion show to her friend Meghan. “I absolutely adore it! What do you think?” Unfortunately, Meghan didn’t care for Kathryn’s new purchase at all. She thought the whole thing—the color, the style, even the buttons—was wrong. Plus, she didn’t think Kathryn looked very good in it. But she didn’t want to make her friend feel bad, so when Kathryn asked her point-blank what she thought of it, she smiled and, mustering up as much fake enthusiasm as she possibly could, said, “Oh, it’s the cutest! I want one just like it!”(Mark). This is an example of lying. Do you think that Meghan should've told the truth? With this problem, Meghan felt like this was best so that she wouldn't hurt her friends feelings.

Another lying situation is, Sarah’s parents were going away for the night, and she was having a big party. Amanda really wanted to go, but she knew her mom wouldn’t let her. So she told her mom she was just going...

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