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Letter “E” And The Cheek Cells Through A Microscope

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Microscope are useful in viewing the letter “e” and the cheek cells. It shows a close visual image, which help to observe the two objects. Following the methods is important, because it provides the necessary materials and the steps of the procedure. It’s extremely important to wear a apron , goggles, and gloves. Also, be cautious in using the materials. The purpose is to observe and how to use the microscope under the specimen. For the results each figure image shows the differences between the low-power and the high-power objectives. In those figure, it will explain the view of the image of a cheek cells and a close image of how does the letter “e” looks like.

Anton Von Leeuwenhoek was the inventor of the microscope and brought the discovery of biology. He introduce in how the microscope is being function and the use of the magnification lenses. For the lab, the microscope should be carry by the arm and the base. The objective lenses needed to be at low-power and gradually switch to the high-power. To focus on a specimen, gently move the coarse or the fine adjustment knob. Later, total the magnification of the ocular lens times by the objectives lenses.
In the letter “e” and the cheek cells, the primary focus for the lab is using the proper technique in using the microscope. Drawing the visual image and identifying the parts. Knowing in how to get the total magnification for the samples. The letter “e” is being cut off by a newspaper article and the cheek cells is coming from the inside of the mouth. Both of the specimen is being observed to see any differences between in a low-power and a high-power objective.
Materials to use:
* A Microscope
* 2 Slides
* 2 Cover Slip
* Methylene Blue
* A dropper
* Water
* Toothpick
* Letter “e”
* Apron
* Goggles
* Gloves
* If necessary pull back the long hair

How to prepare a wet mount of the letter “e”.
Following the procedure.

Cut out the letter “e” and place it on the slide.
Add a drop of water using the dropper in the letter “e” on the slide.
Place the cover slip edge on the top of the slide and hold at a 45 degree angle. Avoid the bubbles. Than draw the image for figure 1.
Place the slide on the stage of the microscope and view in the low power (4x). Center the letter “e” in your field of the view. Draw the image for figure 2.
Move the slide to the left, to the right, up and down. See what happen.
Finally, view the letter “e” in high-power (40x). Use the fine adjustment to focus. Draw the image in figure 3.

How to prepare a cheek...

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