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The book I am reading is called Fake Me a Match I really liked this book. This book was about his one girls drama with boys her soon to be stepsister and her moms wedding. The author of this book is named Lauren Barnholdt and she wrote this book in a girls perspective of things. This book was very fun to read and kept you wondering what was going to happen next. She used figurative language in her book many times. Figurative speech is it compares two things in way that may shock you examples are smiles, metaphors, idioms and alliteration.

In this book the author used figurative language Avery was as clear as mud because she was always telling lies. This is true because Avery was ...view middle of the document...

This is true but not always because Blake was really mean at first and Avery was the perfect child. Then it is true because Blake soon turned really nice to Avery soon Blake starts to figure out that Avery has been lying a lot to her and stops talking to her because she knows Avery is lying and is betraying her. they said this in the middle to the end because blake was caring and nice and forgiving and forgave Avery for her mistakes. At the end Avery tries to fix everything and she does she and Blake soon both turn into hearts of gold.

As well as those other two thoughts of figurative language this is one as well. Sam is heartbroken because he think Avery does’t like him back blake is also heartbroken. They say heartbroken because it means that you feel let down and feel like someone just took you heart out split it in half and put it back in. This does not mean you seriously mean you broke your heart just that you feel sad or depressed because someone or something made you feel that way. In this book they say that because Avery breaks Sam’s heart because she says she doesn’t like him when she really does. lastly Blake is heart is broken because she finds out Sam likes Avery not her and that they have kissed without her knowing and most importantly that her soon to be step sister lied to her. . In the book they said...

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