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I have been reading a book called The Glitter Trap this book is really good and kid book that is very fitting for me. My favorite thing about this book is that it has real drama with fantasy mixed into it but it is funny. This book is perfect for a 6th grader that is looking for something funny and includes 6th grade drama because these girls are 6th graders and are having drama in there life. I would recommend this book to some of my friends because it relates to me and some of my friends without the magic part.

This book is really good so far because I am not finished with it. This book grabs from the first page so you stay interested in what you are reading and I love staying ...view middle of the document...

The last person is Katarina the godmother reminds me of my dog Gunther because Katarina and Gunther are both get what they want like Katarina wanted her coffee so she complained till she got he coffee and Gunther when he wants his breakfast he will whine till we give it to him.

Now that you know some of the characters I can tell you some more about this book. I have many favorite parts in this book that make me laugh or make me nervous or make me feel sad or mad. My first favorite part is when you find out that there is such thing as magic and that glitter in your hair can catch a fairy godmother. Second is when the godmother gets eaten up by Lacey’s (main Character) cat and her wings get destroyed. Then, Lacey(main Character) becomes the fairy godmother because the real fairy godmother cocoons to get better. Thirdly is when Lacey has to turn Paige into a beautiful singer so she will get the part in Cinderella. Lastly is when Sunny gets her bangs and they look horrible so Paige says you always need a spotter when you get bangs or else they look horrible. Those were some of my favorite parts and I hope you can see why I like them.

I know some of the paragraphs above did not give you all those fun facts you needed so you will want to read it this is that paragraph. First of all , Lacey gets glitter glue stuck in her hair from a wet poster. Soon she was running order for her parents restaurant she thinks she get a moth in her hair but it was a godmother on her way to Paige's house to make her dreams come true. When Lace...

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