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David Moore 25-32 33rd StreetBrooklyn, NY 11006Dear Cousin Harry,I'm so glad to tell you of the very happy secret that I have been entrusted to keep. Aunt Claire and her long time boyfriend, Jake, have decide to get married.It was quite a story how I found out as well. It was supposed to be a secret to the end but the most unlikely of circumstances lead me to find out ahead of the big announcement. As it goes, our relatives have always been suspicious of Jake as he has always had a way with the ladies. That being the case, we all took to following Jake around Town anytime we had reason to believe he was cheating or when time permitted. Anyway, one day I saw him at a very fancy eatery in the restaurant district, seated at a table with a very attractive young lady. I instantly became suspicious, and began following him ...view middle of the document...

There, They went straight to the wedding band section, and started to try ring after ring.At this point I lost all control, I went straight up to them and said "You should be ashamed of yourself! How dare you take Claire for such a fool." I also said a lot of other things but I think it is not best time to repeat these here. He tried to explain himself to me but I was so certain of what was happening that he had lost all credibility in my opinion. I said what was needed and promised Jake I would let Claire know as soon as possible about this whole charade.Later that afternoon after I had regained my composure, I called Claire and told her what had happened in the mall.Needless to say she was devastated. I consoled her and then convinced her that she should confront Jake about this situation and end the relationship once and for all. She agreed, called Jake, and made arrangements to meet with him that night.Obviously I accompanied her for support. In Jake's apartment were Jake and his lady friend, his mother and of course Claire and myself.Before Claire could say anything Jake started, "This is a big misunderstanding, your cousin here embarrassed me at the mall today. He accused me of cheating on you with my sister Andrea here. " I felt a sudden weight on my shoulder and it was not anyone's hand but rather a deep feeling of shame. I thought to myself that he must be lying but then he produced passports and birth certificates to substantiate hid claims. Without delay Claire deduced that Jake was shopping for her wedding band. Jake not only agreed, but then proceeded to propose to her on the spot.I apologized to no end but Jake would not let me, he said he forgave me and understood how I could think that he was cheating as he had never introduced his sister to me.So that's my story, despite Jake and Claire's happiness I still feel a little embarrassed when I see them. Thanks for listening and try not to laugh at me when you read this letter again.Your Cousin,Stelios

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