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Letter From A Daughter Essay

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''I am worthy of living. I deserve to enjoy my life. I will live the way I want to.
It's six in the morning here in Indiana. I have nothing better to do than to write my story on paper. I am not planning to show it to anyone, except for you. By you, I mean the paper. Can I call you ''paper''? I hope so. Paper, the story that I am about to tell you is two weeks old only, so I might feel emotional while I say it. Please bear with me throughout my misery.
Two weeks ago, I woke up to the inhuman sound of my stomach gurgling at midnight. While I laid down, I felt the strength of the stomach ache catching up and moving like the fast-paced subways of America towards my throat. I screamed but I ...view middle of the document...

I was diagnosed with cancer. How it hurts me to say this, but he told me that the disease is genetic and that I had inherited it from my mother's side of the family. I panicked and decided to take my annual holiday for that week. I went home and saw my two boys. I couldn’t help but to cry in front of them, thinking of how I would inherit the disease to my children too. I helped them get into the school bus and sat in the garden. The minute I chose to sit on that crooked chair, our telephone rang. It was from my work office. I did not want to answer at first but then I did so. My secretary was on the phone and she told me that I need to go pick someone who had just arrived from South Africa in the airport. I first thought that it was my mother. I had missed her so much and was so sad that I couldn't speak to her properly due to her being that far away.
Moreover, I reached the airport and was confused when I had to pick up a man with a letter. He looked like a homeless person to me and I didn’t know what I had to do with him. When I reached home, he gave me the letter he had in his hand and said that it's from my mother. He then left the house and simply roamed around the streets. I made use of my holiday and amused myself by reading the letter. I wanted it to keep me busy from my trauma but as I read it, the word ''cancer'' kept repeating itself in the letter.
After five days, I finished reading the letter. Oh paper, if you had read what I read. Cancer killed my mother paper, it murdered her. I felt like crying for my mother but to be candid, I felt more scared than sad. I went out to look for that homeless man, as I want him to give me answers. I opened my backyard door and I found him there with the same clothes sitting on a piece of cardboard. I believe his name was Vercueil, the man my mother...

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