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Dear Journal:It has been quiet a long time since I have written to you, so much has happened. Orsino is still lovesick for my Lady Olivia; he keeps sending a young fellow named Cesario. He is quiet a good-looking lad with a very nice gentle voice. I think my lady is into him, I have none her long enough to see when she is interested in someone. Even though she is still mourning over her brother and father she is happy when he comes to visit. I think my lady should go after this young lad he is smart and ...view middle of the document...

He is very cheeky and his jokes are sometimes cruel but she is a caring lady so she let him back into the house. Sir Toby and Sir Andrew love having Feste back. When they are drunk and partying in the mid of night they always call upon him and ask him to sing them songs and since there so drunk they normally join in the song. It is hilarious to hear them all scream at the top of their lungs while drunk. The wicked Malvolio hates it when they sing too loud he thinks he has authority since he's the head servant. He is so ignorant; Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and I decided to mess with him recently since we have had enough with him. We wrote him a love letter from my lady to him and instructions he needs to follow. They were all very ridiculous like:Wear yellow stockingsWear cross gartersSmile constantly while you are in my presenceHe believed it completely since my lady and I have very similar handwriting, Sir Toby and I had a fit over how foolish he seemed. Sir Toby and I have been having great times together lately I am so happy to have met him, he is a great man and he is rich which is good for a poor servant girl like me. Everything is going well and I am very happy with life right nowSincerely, Maria

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