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Letter Of Advice For Communication Interpersonal Communication Ashford Final Essay

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Running Head: MY ADVICE
My Letter of Advice
Candance Morgan
COM200: Interpersonal Communication
Professor Megan Jean Harlow
October 23, 2017
Dear William and Christina,
First off I would like to say congratulations to you two on your recent engagement. My husband and I have been together for fifteen years, and we have been married for eleven years as of last Wednesday. It has been a happy time in my life. I have recently taken a class on interpersonal communication, and I thought that I would share what I have learned with you. Especially in a new engagement, communication is essential to any relationship, and you want to make sure that you are continuously communicating with each other.
Many new relationships are all about trying to make sure that your partner is happy, and this is great, but without communication, you may keep things bottled up, and then that can lead to more significant problems. I know that you two love each other and will make it through any issues that may come along as long as you two communicate. When two people can talk things out, it can put a stop to some problems that may occur before they ever do. Everybody has communication skills that they are used to using, but there may be something from us that we can all learn. I know that I did learn a lot from my interpersonal communication class. Communication skills are a necessity in a relationship. Make sure you both use effective communication for a successful relationship.
Barriers to effective interpersonal communication
Interpersonal communication can be defined as “a unique type of communication that involves two individuals interacting face to face or mediated channels” (Bevan & Sole, 2014). So this means that interpersonal communication needs to be done face to face to make sure that what is being said is understood. Interpersonal communication is a big part of your relationship; I believe that it is the foundation to build on and to continue to work on daily. “As social animals, we want and need connections with other people” (Bevan & Sole, 2014). Humans will crave communication whether it is personal, or it is to learn about each other. Human interaction is essential to learn about ourselves and others to form more prominent and better relationships with other people. Although there can be some challenges with interpersonal communication. The different barriers can consist of long distance relationships, misperceptions, and also intergenerational relationships. Trying to overcome these problems can be very rough, but it is possible. If you would like to have a private discussion or maybe even want to be clear about something a phone call or face to face is better so that there is no miscommunication. There are many times when a message is through text messaging it is not always clear of the person's tone or how that person feels. It may even lead to an argument or a disagreement if the other person does not understand the mood within the text message....

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