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Letter Of Determination Essay

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Letters of Determination, Devotion and Hope from the Frontier The authors of the document I chose are Charles and Nellie Wooster, a husband and wife who chose to make a new life in the western prairie, settling in Nebraska. This document contains letters written between the couple before Nellie joined Charles in their new home. These letters are an example of life on the new frontier and the hardships these settlers faced, such as building new communities, interacting with Native Americans and making a living off the land. Charles Wooster was the author of the majority of the letters, describing Nebraska to his wife as very different from Michigan. Although somewhat settled, Indians were still very much a part of everyday life and Charles urged Nellie not to fear them, for they were peaceful and more afraid of whites than the whites were of them. The settlers were also not in danger of raids from wild Indians since the country was rapidly becoming settled. Charles assured his wife that Indians were not savage killers or a threat, as they once mistook them to be. I believe Charles explained these subjects to his wife in order to prepare her for a life drastically different from the one she was accustomed to. Charles wanted Nellie to understand what to expect on her arrival in Nebraska, so instead of being overwhelmed or discouraged she would be hopeful of the new life they were beginning. Another topic stressed by Charles in his letters was the happiness and contentment of himself and his wife. He took immense pride in his land and was determined to make their life work in Nebraska. His ambition was evident in his letters as he referred to his home and land as one day being nicer than "any other one in the country" (Wooster in Farragher Documents, 246). Charles believed beautifying his home would add to his and his wife's enjoyment, rather than them being constantly in search for the "almighty dollar" (Wooster in Farragher Documents, 246). I believe Charles was anxious for...

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