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Letter Of Entry Into The Master´S Of Computer Science

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It was a magical moment for me when I got my first computer from my uncle. It was a big black & white Window’s 95 OS where I played my very first computer game, Dave. The moment I touched the keyboard, an urge to learn more about computers began and has not ceased ever since.
Hence I decided to pursue Information Technology as a specialization for my graduation. It provided me with a strong and comprehensive background in computers. During my undergraduate studies, I learned subjects like C, C++, Java and DBMS as a part of the curriculum and thus, became proficient in programming languages to such a level that I started creating my own games in C++. During this learning process, I realized ...view middle of the document...

Apart from the technical skills, the most important learning part for me was to work with multi-cultural virtual teams and also get familiar with various places and cultures.
After getting adequate exposure of mobile technology and its applications by presenting at various seminars at college and state level, I decided to implement this knowledge to an advance level in my final year project. It was a cross platform mobile application that used the latest technologies such as Android, PhoneGap, HTML5, JQuery Mobile and JavaScript. The output being delivered was a cross platform mobile application with an automated transaction system that let the user have a hassle-free vehicle parking as well as give them an option to renew the Parking Ticket with just a single click. The project included learning all three of the different programming languages.
I am a certified Microsoft Technology Associate in Software Development Fundamentals. I have been attending various workshops on Java, Hibernate, Struts2, Android application development and iOS Development. With all the stated tasks, passion and experiences, I have successfully completed my graduation in Information Technology with distinction in June 2013.
Along with keeping up in academic world, I am a trained International Karate Player with a black belt first Dan in it. During this journey of 13 years, I participated and won several International as well as...

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