Letter Of Entry To A College´S Financing Department

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Shall I pretend that I am acquainted with every part of the course, having read the detailed content of the modules? I shall not bore you with that. Instead, here are some glimpses of my journey so far in building the foundation for my career in Accounting and Finance.
My first part-time job at the age of 15 was at a formal-dress boutique where I worked as a salesperson. I realised the importance of multiple language skills when I tried to enhance the customers’ in-store experience and was able to make them feel more comfortable as I could communicate in 3 languages, namely, English, Chinese, Malay and a few other dialects. That first saIary taught me the value of money, which I have been aware of ever since.
Being able to balance my academic life within the competitive environment of my high school gave me a training in time management. As the ICT Director of Young Enterprise, I had hands-on experience of the entire business procedure, from the set-up of the company, through applying innovation to the production, to selling shares and maximising profits. Winning the City Stock Challenge organised by Citibank, where I bought and sold stocks to gain profits through calculating probabilities and taking risks, aroused my curiosity to deepen my knowledge of investment in various types of stocks and shares. My understanding of the share market was enhanced when I read about Warren Buffet, a great value investor, and learnt about his successful investments in the value of sustainable businesses through disciplined strategies. I realised how emotional and easily-influenced decisions could lead to huge losses.
Last summer, I gained work experience in an audit firm, Tay and Associates. While shadowing an ACCA holder, I was involved in the complete process of auditing the accounts and taxation of various companies, small or industrial and learnt to draft financial statements. I was also involved in small meetings with the accounting departments of our clients, through which I understood how organisations use data that relies heavily on accounting to extract meaningful estimates to construct index numbers.
I decided to take a gap year and I believe this makes me more mature and be certain of my career path. I chose Knight Frank, an international real estate consultancy, and worked in its...

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