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Letter To Christopher Columbus Essay

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Dear Christopher Columbus, On my travels through Europe, I landed the magnificent city of Florence. I've never been somewhere so amazing! My favorite place was the Fortezza di Belvedere. As you walk through Florence, I completely enjoyed being surrounded by busy markets. My last favorite place to visit was Brunelleschi's Dome. When I traveled to Frotezza di Belvedere, I noted that it was the shape of a star with buildings inside the star-like fortified walls. From the towers you could see most of Florence and the Arno River. It is such a beautiful view from the fort. When I was told that invaders had to go through ...view middle of the document...

Now with the five florins I had left, I decided to pick some food up. Since I was just visiting, I didn't need clothes or furniture. In Florence, they have great seafood. For one florin, I could get carp, eel, and trout. I also picked up a sack of grain, some ripe melons, and four sausages for dinner. Since the city is famous for wine, I also bought a barrel of wine. The markets are some of the busiest places I have ever seen. I know now to visit the markets in the morning since it is the least crowded. The last wonderful place I visited was Brunelleschi's Dome which was a fantastic sight. Brunellleschi's Dome was built so masterfully that it didn't collapse after many wars. What was really amazing was the inside of it. Since it was designed by Brunelleschi, the artist chose many different colors for the inside. He used white, red, and green marble and the south doors had some extremely colorful and old mosaics. The dome is part of an enormous cathedral that is the largest one that I have ever seen. It is amazing to learn that the dome was built without scaffolding. This trip was a remarkable experience for me. Visiting the fort, dome, and markets was the highlights of my trip. I will return soon to this city that offers so many things. Safe travels, Your dear friend Jacque

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