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Letter To Editor On Drugs In Richmond Drug Related Crime Assignment

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Dear Editor,
As a student of Criminology and Justice, I must take issue with the ongoing controversy of establishing Safe Injecting Rooms in Richmond.
While the paramedics, traders and the locals who deal with the addicts, are vigorously seeking for the supervised injecting rooms, the government, however, neglects the issue providing perfunctory explanations stating that they would respond in coming months as per the standard procedure. However, what I would like to know is that why can’t the government at least agree for a trail injecting room. Is it too much to ask for when thousand of lives are at risk? Is it implying that government does not care? Even knowing that these safe injecting room can provide a platform for educating the addicts, improve access to services, reduce not only impact, trauma and health issues but also prevent public from witnessing these injecting. So no matter what the government has to say to justify this evading, the evidence I see and hear of Richmond Street and wasting of such an opportunity is evidence to the contrary.
Very recently, a young...

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