Letter To Friend About Darwins Theory

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FYS 211, Michelle HoffmanAmerican University of Central Asia (2013)Zhailoobek uulu ZholomanDear my friend! I am so glad for your interest of nature. Because our nature is so beautiful, great Kyrgyz poet Chyngyz Aitmatov was walking around our mountains and admiring the beauty of nature, which he wrote in his most poems. Therefore, your interest to nature generates to find answers to important questions about origins of species. Even though many people claim that Darwin's works have many negative approvals, I firmly convinced that many of the arguments are positive from the point of view science. There are many pessimistic views, which I will prove in otherwise.The theory struggle for ...view middle of the document...

It is same with other species. My second argument is without struggle for existence, nature does not exist. Let us imagine nature without theory struggle for existence. Cats will not eat mice, mice will not eat bees, bees will not suck nectar from flowers, and people will not compete with each other. It is good for all that, no one kill each other, but our nature just will come stop. Because there is not any goals to live. Therefore, I think, "Struggle for existence" inevitably is the best goal for all species to keep life in this world.There is no exception to the rule that every organic being naturally increases at so high a rate, that if not destroyed, the earth would soon be covered by the progeny of single pair. (Page 3, 1 par.) Many people reading this sentence in the book think that is consist pessimistic view. I think Darwin do not have pessimistic view in this point. He wanted to give to recognize only real fact. Organic being cannot rise in the so high rate because of destruction. He just gave example of what will happened if organic being will not destroyed. He wanted to show good opportunities from destruction. The theory "Struggle for existence" useful for our earth. Our earth is small to consist high level of increasing species. Therefore, according to law of nature, species cannot increase in the so high rate.The book...

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