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Letter To Grandma Essay

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I did some research about tuberculosis and wanted to share and explain my findings. Firstly, tuberculosis, TB, is an extremely deadly disease that affects your lungs (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2012). It is a highly contagious disease that comes from bacteria. It is spread when someone who is infected with the disease exposes it into the air through various ways such as breathing, coughing, or sneezing, and then someone else breathes in the bacteria in the air (CDC, 2012). The bacteria then goes into the lungs and infects the person. There are numerous types of TB and people with these different types are affected in various ways.
Firstly, tuberculosis can either be active or latent (CDC, 2012). What this means is that someone with latent tuberculosis may not even know they have it (MacKenzie, 2007). This person would not exhibit any symptoms and the cases with people having latent TB explain how it was found by chance. The different types of TB determine if it can be treated with drugs or not. Some types of tuberculosis can be fought off with the help of medication, and others are extremely resistant to these prescriptions (MacKenzie, 2007). TB can be treated by taking several medications for six to nine months (CDC, 2012). There are also strands of tuberculosis that are not affected by usual drugs but cannot stand against drugs that are used less often. There are different types of TB because over time some of the tuberculosis strands resist the drugs and become immune to the treatment (Koebler, 2013). When someone is infected, they have to completely beat the disease. This is because any surviving bacterium can carry the risk of the strand that becomes drug resistant. Over time, the bacterium that causes this disease became immune to different drugs as it was transferred from person to person. For example, there have been a few cases in places like India, Iran, Italy, and especially South Africa, where there is a type of tuberculosis called totally drug-resistant tuberculosis, TDR, which has become immune to almost all antibiotics (Koebler, 2013). Besides HIV, TB kills more people than many infectious diseases and has affected almost 400,000 people in South Africa alone (Koebler, 2013).
When it comes to the laws that the United States has regarding tuberculosis, the case of Robert Daniels comes into play. Daniels’s story of having latent tuberculosis is somewhat of a nightmare. He had showed no symptoms of the extreme drug-resistant tuberculosis that he was carrying and his doctors had coincidentally found that he had it just before he had planned to leave for his wedding in Greece (MacKenzie, 2007). Daniels had planned to have the lung tissue removed after coming back into the country, but before he returned the CDC contacted him and told him he could not come back home. They told him that he had to stay where he was to get treatment, but...

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