Letter To Lance. An Essay On Lance Armstrong's Book, Lance Armstrong: Every Seond Counts

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Lance Armstrong1234 Pioneer Rd.Plano, Tx 43211Dear Lance Armstrong: AuthorI just finished reading your book Every Second Counts, and I loved every second of it. Your books are so inspirational and so moving that every time I put down your book, I feel like I have to go do something productive or hop on my bike and ride 100 miles. In my mind, you are a great American hero and one hell of a role model to me. Your cancer survival story is so miraculous, you did anything and everything to stay alive, even now that you are cancer free you go in for check-ups. Every time you go in for a check-up you get so nervous sometimes that you can't handle yourself. There's always that one chance that it could come back. If you saw one trace of it you would've done anything to get rid of it. Even for other people diagnosed with cancer, you are so helpful to them, you try to help them in any way possible, even if it's just to sit down and talk to them for five minutes. I loved reading about your races, they are so exciting to me. Whenever you start talking about a race I get a feeling of excitement in my body. You make it seem like I am right there with you, racing, watching the whole thing happening.My father got me into cycling when I was a little boy. We would go out mountain biking with my brothers and have a lot of fun, I would always try to beat my brothers, and I always did. As I got older I started nipping at my dads heels until finally he couldn't handle the heat anymore and I beat him, he still can't beat me to this day. That's when my dad realized that I should start getting more serious about cycling and he got me "into" the Tour de France and my hero, you, Lance Armstrong. As I watched you live on T.V. I knew you were going to beat everybody and I would just wait for you to attack in the mountains and leave every other contender in your tracks. Nobody could touch you, you were in a completely different world from them, a world of power and strength, a world they thought...

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