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Twenty years ago, computers were not as technological and complex as the ones we know; they helped man take a step forward into the future. Computers have made our lives a lot easier and convenient. Computers are used in just about everything from simple tasks such as paying bills to complex jobs like managing companies. While computers have their positives, they also bring some negative aspects. Some aspects depend on the user’s point of view and also depend on the economy. In general, computers have many benefits because they provide all sorts of entertainment, they help major cities function, and they make tasks much easier. As computers age, so does the ability to distribute free music, ...view middle of the document...

A big problem with old computers was their weight and energy use. Old computers were extremely heavy and nearly immobile; they also used up quite a lot of energy (around a thousand modern desktops equal to the amount of power used up by an old one)( http://computerschangedtheworld.webs.com). After computers were introduced to the public, people sought out to learn how to use them and computers began to change society. In an interview with Julio Duharte, a Computer Engineer with experience in software development and programming, when asked “How have computers changed your life?” he responded with, “Computers have completely changed my life. When I arrived in the US in 2002 my knowledge/experience with computers was limited to just a couple of times using Basic, but I made it my priority to learn computer systems thus my career choice.” Many people during the 21st century went to college to get degrees on computer related subjects like Software Development. The 21st century saw the rise of computer related careers.
One of the extraordinary advantages of computer technology is the speed and ease with which information is accessed and transmitted. People and companies everywhere use computers to keep track of stuff such as files, inventory, and clients. Over the years the software for managing products has improved. Microchips that store information are implanted on most products made to keep track of them. Computers have helped companies do the research they need even quicker. Computers also allow people to organize databases, schedules and other essential information. Storing information on flash drives, cell-phones, and computer files has replaced file cabinets. This not only saves time but it also saves energy. Radio frequency identification has been changing business significantly. But with all this ease, how can a company be sure their information is safe? Professional hackers can easily steal or dump information they see if they are able to sneak into servers. Hackers tend to go after vital information people keep safe like their bank accounts and social security numbers. Many companies have their information stolen and this causes the employees to go into turmoil. Will Gish says, “Personal or political information gained through computer hacking can serve as leverage in business or political dealings” ("How Does Technology Affect the Work Environment Today?). Hackers have gotten into businesses have also cost them several millions. When a single hacker got into Sony’s information in 2011, this cost Sony more than $170 million (a large amount of clients had their personal information stolen).One other con to having information stored on a computer or flash drive is that if the data is corrupted or is lost, it is either impossible or very time consuming to restore the files to their previous state.

Computers have caused communication to change drastically. Since the invention of the telephone, communication has never been the same....

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