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Letter To My Son By Lord Chesterfield

1863 words - 7 pages

Letters to My Son are letters written by Lord Chesterfield to his son whereby he praises and criticizes him. Chesterfield uses a number of literary devices in his letter such as metaphors, imageries, anastrophe, tonal shift and many others. In addition, Chesterfield uses rhetorical devices such as logos and name calling so that his son can heed to his advices. Chesterfield uses different tones, and language devices to make pass his intended information to his son. He changes his tone, and uses different language styles to be able to convince his son to follow the values, and advices in the letter written to him. In the end, through his language skills and tonal values, he is able to convey his message to his son which is meant to elevate him above all, and become an independent person. Chesterfield is suggestive and condescending in his language, and tone in the letter but his views are very clearly articulated.
Metaphors are used by Chesterfield, whereby he uses them to portray his son’s values. Chesterfield builds his son up, and provides all the obstacles that could come into his life in the near future. He takes his time to warn his son about the problems, and struggles that he is to face in the future through a metaphor where he says, “thorns and briars which scratched and disfigured me in the course of my youth” (Stanhope 91). He refers to these problems as thorns and briars. He was frightened that his son was going to make the same mistakes he made while he was a youth and so, he had to warn him in advance of what awaits him. He uses metaphors in his warnings just to emphasize his points. Later on, in his warnings to his son; Chesterfield also uses anastrophe in contradicting his points. He uses anastrophe as an understatement which minimizes what really will transpire.
Another literary device frequently used by Chesterfield is tonal shift. In the start of his letter, he uses an honest, fatherly, candor, and caring tone to his son. Afterwards, his tone changes immediately to authoritative, scolding, and belligerent tone whereby he lectures, and ridicules his son. He praises his son at the same time accusing him, and this shifts his tone in the letters. Chesterfield writes, “But then, on the other hand, I flatter myself, that as your own reason, though too young as yet to suggest much to you of itself, is however, strong enough to enable you” ( Chesterfield 89). In using tonal shift, he emphasizes his lordship over his son. He parades his values and parental guidance to his son, and shows the reader that the son cannot do anything without him, and his advices. His tonal shift changes him from a caring father, to an authoritative father who is imposing his values to his son through threats. He says to his son, “your shame and regret must be greater than anybody’s, because everybody knows the uncommon care which has been taken of your education” (Chesterfield 176). Chesterfield makes it clear to his son that, he survive because of him. He...

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