Letter To Principal, Why School Food Is Lacking Nutrition.

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Dear Principal,There is a huge problem in the lunch room which needs to be addressed quite promptly. Due to the selection of foods available to the students, my peer's health is at risk as well as my health and I would like to see some of these problems be fixed. First of all, the nutrition facts of all products should be easily accessible so the students and I know how healthy or unhealthy the food is. Secondly, there are more unhealthy then healthy foods to choose from making students choose horrible foods instead of better foods. Lastly, the latter of the lunch periods do not have healthy foods available because the earlier lunch periods eat the already limited healthy salads and sandwiches.In order to talk about what is and is not considered healthy, you need to have a definition of each. Healthy food would be low in saturated fat and containing limited amounts of cholesterol and sodium. Also, it should be rich with essential vitamins and minerals. Unhealthy food would be products high in saturated fat with a lot of cholesterol and low amounts of nutrients. If I wanted to pick a "healthy" food, I would need to read the nutrition label. The problem in the lunchroom is that many nutrition facts for items are very hard to find. It affects my health directly because I take a gamble on what I think is healthy since there is nothing to tell me how much fat is in what I want to eat. Something that I think may be healthy could be horrible for my health. The same is true for my fellow peers. Without knowing what is in our food, how can we make the right decisions when choosing what food we would like to eat?Another problem we are facing is the amount of healthy foods as opposed to unhealthy foods that there are available in the cafeteria. The ratio is horrible. To approximate, for every one "healthy" item, there are about five "unhealthy" items in the lunchroom. With these numbers, don't you think it would be quite difficult for a student to...

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