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I have greatly improved my writing skills since I have taken the College Ready Writing course. My eighth grade English instructor, Mr. Stephen Tobie, laid the foundation of my writing capabilities while you sculpted them into an admirable talent. He taught me the basics of writing. College Ready Writing gave organization and focus to my writing. I have learned many important skills from my former and current teachers and I have the utmost gratitude for both. Many factors influence a person’s initial writing capabilities but they can always improve through regular use.

I learn rather quickly, but faster in some ways more than in others. I learn through seeing and physically doing. I must ...view middle of the document...

I build connections to literature rather easily and can comprehend the theme/main idea without the needing to intensely scrounge the text several times for its meaning. I understand the author’s purpose and his word usage completely while others do not have the slightest inclination as to why the author used a certain phrases or what the phrase means.

While I have strengths, I also have a flaw that I wish to correct. I currently work to better myself and become a complete reader. I tend read with a bias or a predisposition that affects my reading comprehension. I have forethoughts on the composition that I wish to rid myself of. I have struggled with this ordeal for most of my life that I have consciously read. In order to capture the true meaning of the text, the reader must view the literature without any biased predictions.

I have several goals for English I. I share these goals with many other classes of different subjects. I wish to maintain at minimum an 85 average and score a grade no lower than 70. I hope to take the skills I learn from the course and apply them to my daily life. I want to gain knowledge and understanding from this course instead of simply passing it for a grade. Student should not take a course without the intention to derive meaning and improvement from the instructed concepts.

I have a general and broad plan to achieve my goals. I need a...

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