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chiu 6Let Go, It's EasierYou know that smell of vomit? That's what I smelt for two days straight. My uncle got diagnosed with lung cancer when I was in 7th grade. I know what you're thinking, that this is going to be another sad sob story you have to read. Well, you're kind of right. This was a traumatic time for my family and I. I still remember how sad and depressed we were throughout his chemotherapy. My uncle got diagnosed with lung cancer and after that, he got sick real quick. He was in the hospital a lot and the last day he was there, we learned something really important. The funeral also taught me a big lesson about life and I think it relates to a lot of people. But this is what I learned, what made us sad was seeing him going through so much pain. Soon, we all realized that letting him go to the other side, was much easier for all of us.Whitney Chiu Chiu 1Engl 1301. S16 / IsipEssay 1 - Revision 2Back in November of 2009, my uncle got really sick and had troubled breathing. He wouldn't be able to do the things he would normally do; like fishing, golfing, and other activities. We all knew something was wrong so my aunt took him to see a doctor to get a normal routine body check up. That's when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. We all saw it coming but never said anything. He smoked cigarettes like a fat kid ate cake. I could've sworn he'd smoke over three packs a day. He was addicted and my family knew it was a problem. My family never did anything about it until he was diagnosed. We tried to stop him by just telling him it was bad to smoke so much, but he's a grown man. How were we suppose to stop a grown man from doing something he was addicted to? When he was diagnosed, thats when my family finallystarted to take action. Everyone worked more hours to make more money to pay for more and more doctor visits. Every doctor said the same depressing thing that no one would ever want to hear about happening to their family member. After hearing about a dozen of doctor opinions, it was sure that his stage of lung cancer was so bad, there was no way he would live any longer than a couple of months.After he started chemo, he got very sick. My uncle was one of those big, scary, tough guys that never got sick. So when my uncle was diagnosed with cancer, I was really scared and confused. Every time I went to visit, I would see him laying there with "accident pads" and a bucket next to his bed. So you would know how weird it was to see my "strong" uncle laying there literally shitting himself. I still remember the day I went to visit him, and his reactions to chemotherapy got so bad we had an ambulance come to my aunts house. He couldn't breathe that well and seeing him suffocate on just air, really freaked me out. I hid in his closet smelling the scent on his clothes and just cried for hours. Every single sound I heard, and all the things the paramedics were saying about my uncle really haunted me those couple of days. Hearing the paramedics...

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