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Letting Him Go Essay

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Lennie patiently waits for George at the bushes petting the lifeless pup in his pocket for comfort. “George where you at?” Lennie whispered. He observed the area watching the water streaming down the river to the crystal clear lake thinking what George would say to him hoping George would still let him tend the rabbits, but a familiar voice broke his thoughts making him stiffen up. “Lennie! Lennie, where you at?” said the familiar voice. Lennie smiled wide realizing who it was. “Over here, George! Over here!” Lennie shouted his face filled with relief. George sees Lennie at the brushes he was surprised that Lennie remembered where to hide if he ever did something bad. However, remembering what Lennie had done, George quickly walked to Lennie and punched Lennie in the face. Lennie innocently asked, “Why you do that, George?” George tired of Lennie’s little act. “You know why.” George growled. Lennie sees the hatred in George's eyes frightening Lennie. Lennie wanted to say something but kept quiet not wanting George to be more furious.

Few seconds has past, George still giving Lennie the death glare making Lennie confused as ever. “I know what you did,” George said breaking the silence, “I saw what you did to Curley's Wife. Why did you do it?” Lennie panicked didn't know what to say, but pretended not to know what George was talking about. “I don't know what you talkin about.” Lennie said. George was getting frustrated, tired of Lennie's behavior. “CUT THE BULLSHIT, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!” George snapped, “I KNOW YOU KILLED CURLEY'S WIFE! What I want to know is why. Why did you do it?” Lennie finally realized that he can't get out of this conversation.

“I was scared, George. I was scared,” Lennie confessed, “She was screaming and I got scared I didn't know what to do. She kept on shouting so I told her to quiet down and shook her.”

Memories of Weed flooding back to George which made him to decide it's time. He was tired of taking care of him, tired of carrying his baggage, tired of Lennie he had enough with him. He finally reached his limits with Lennie. “I can't do this anymore,” George whispered,...

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