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Levee System Past And Prestent Essay

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When we first started to learn about Mesopotamia, I thought it would be boring, but once I heard about the Levee system I was fascinated. It was cool how they invented it more than 300 years ago and still use it today. It’s probably a lot easier today and has improved alot, but its still the same main idea. Sometimes, the Levee was dangerous though. It could break and drown everything. It would be a disaster! Even though it was really dangerous, it was also one of the most useful inventions in America.

Ever since the 1700’s the Levee system has helped farmers with their crops, animals, and everyday life. The levee system has been improved many times since the first design,.Technology and environment took help in that. The length of the first Levee system was 5400 ft long & 18 ft wide.One of the ways the levee has changed is now we make them all different sizes. The Levee system could be made out of any substance that could hold water; anything that wouldn't let water through. Clay, rock, sand, metal, almost anything, but it would have to be in a great amount and would have to be enclosed tightly. You couldn’t imagine how much these people would have to work, the first levee system took 25 years to build and 3,500-2,500 people to construct it. Most of the people were slaves.
The levee system was quite dangerous at some of times. If you're in the process of building a levee and a storm hits, you’re in danger. The substance you're using could fall on you or the water could drowned you. If you’re not done building and a storm hits, it could topple over something on you. It could suffocate and kill you. If you’re building a levee system, depending on the height, you could get knocked off and hurt.. There’s a lot of levee systems that you don't even know of. Some are very big and some are very small, but all could be dangerous. The Levee system was a big help because it saved a lot of land from flooding and saved many peoples lives. Even though the levee system did great things to help people, some people didn't like it. Some people paid lots of money to have a levee installed, but it didn't always work. Sometimes it wouldn't be tall enough and it would...

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