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1.1 & 1.4 Factors which can affect an individual’s views on death and dying.
Define how attitudes of others may influence an individual’s choices around death and dying
Different religions, cultures and spirituality’s have different views on death and dying, the amount an individual follows these religious can colour their view of death, dying, the afterlife etc.
In Christianity, it is believed that how you conduct yourself in life determines how your death will construct itself. Christians believe I the afterlife, heaven and hell, they suggest that how you follow the religion depends on what happens on your last day on earth. If you have followed and believed in god and repented any sin that has happened in your life you will go to heaven, there is no fear of death and believers will gain eternal life. However, if you have not followed the word of god and have committed sin without repenting, you are likely to go to hell.
Hinduism on the other hand the oldest known religion in the world, death is a natural process in the existence of a soul that takes several births and reincarnations on the basis of karma. It explains the body like a set of clothes covering the soul. Hence, the soul changes bodies like one changes clothes. Hindus think of prolonging one’s life artificially as interfering with karma and hence does not encourage it. More often than not, they prefer dying at home. So, they mostly bring terminally ill loved one’s home so that they can die at home peacefully while family members sing, pray, and read the scriptures to help the dying individual focus on Brahman.
Traditional Maori believe that the spirit continues to exist after death and that the deceased will always be a part of the marae (traditional meeting place). Once someone has died they will go to the spirit world. It is important for Maori to see the person before they die if possible so friends and family will visit the person to pray and provide support. In a Maori village they conduct a tangi, the tangi gives you an opportunity to cry, to laugh, to celebrate, to connect and reconnect, and to feel part of something. All that happens in a matter of three or four days. First, there's this grief and sadness, and you vent it all. In the evening, there's this deep, deep sense of prayer and healing that just envelopes the whole whare with a sense of calm.
It is a person’s choice as to what they believe in and how they want their death to be handled, however if someone’s psychological well-being changes their view of death may also change.
Take for example someone with sever schizophrenia, they could be a strict Christian and believe that their disorder is God’s work. However, as it does with many people with schizophrenia or schizophrenic disorders, it becomes too much and the only way out may be seen as suicide. To Christians this will be seen as a sin that cannot be repented from and so this person would go to hell, although this person may be a Christian, because of their...

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