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Level Of Awareness Of The First Year Tourism Students About The Preservation Of Tourist Attractions

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According to Naidoo Nature-based tourism is an important component of the tourism industry and has experienced significant growth during recent years. It says that nature-based tourism is one of the most important parts in a tourism industry. Nature-based tourism has a different aspect that promotes the tourism in a country because it enhances the natural beauty of a place. In a tourism industry it involves people who manufactures and process the industry to become successful. The people should take care all of the creations of almighty God just like mountains, plants and many more. Preserving the tourist attractions is very important because it highlighted on what a place have. The tourist attraction has undergone difficult growth because there are lot of people who didn’t know the real importance of the tourist attractions and on how to preserve it. Rofe states that Tourism is viewed as the panacea for natural decline. It explains that tourism is viewed as phenomena because it definitely happens in a rural decline. From its word decline it means being ignored or rejected. In a tourism industry it is very important to engage in different community involvement that helps the tourist attractions preserve the beauty of it. Engaging in this kind of activity seeks into the mind because in this way people can do good things to the tourist attractions not just that but also to the mother earth. In a simple way tourist become proud because they have the ability to do such things. According to Shaffer A significant challenge to wildlife managers in tourism settings is to provide visitors with opportunities to observe rare and endangered wildlife while simultaneously protecting the target species from deleterious impacts.

There are lots of challenges that undergo in tourism but that Challenges results in a good manner. Beautiful tourist attractions attract the tourist to experience the beauty of it. Visitors visits some places for enjoyment just to have some fun and to be relaxed. The visitors grab their opportunities to go in some tourist attractions because visitor observes on how to take good care of the attractions. The endangered wildlife must be observe because it in included in tourist attractions because tourist also enjoyed observing different kind of species. The significant challenge in wildlife manages the tourism on how to maintain it. Robb states that Tourist destinations are typically conceptualized as sites for leisure. Leisure is the time when you are free from work it is also the time to be entertained. There are lots of tourist attractions that are being established in some places to give the people relaxation and enjoyed the refreshing ambiance of the places. A tourist attraction plays an important role because it makes the country famous. According to Goodburn-Brown Work has been carried out to find ways to make the site as legible as possible while also conserving it. In a work place it is very much important to know the...

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