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Level Of Perception Of Freshman Students At De La Salle Lipa Regarding Medical Tourism In The Philippines

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Filipino people tend to go to some places inside the Philippines to receive medical care. That is medical tourism. Tourists are motivated to travel inside the country with the intention of receiving medical care. The topic allows the Filipino people to bring out their insights regarding medical tourism in the Philippines. “Medical Tourism is the travel of patients from one country to another country for medical treatment represents a growing business.” Cohen, I. (2011). Relating to the topic, there are a huge number of patients who travel for medical purposes within the country resulting to a growing business in the Philippines. There are many kinds of medical tourism such as cosmetic ...view middle of the document...

“Medical tourism is a growing phenomenon with policy implications for health systems, particularly of destination countries.” Pocock, N.S., & Kai Hong, P. (2011).
Choosing a worthy destination for medical purposes is the most important factor which is the tourists has to consider when it comes to medical service. “The paper contains practical recommendations intended to promote debate concerning how to promote patient safety and quality of care in medical travel.” Turner, L. (2012). Based on the findings on Turner, L. (2012), the patients must be concern when choosing where to have medical care because it will be dangerous when an individual is not aware of medical service. The safety of the patients must be highly prioritized.

Medical tourism is an economic source of income for most of the people who are working in hospitals. It is also a voyage for an aim of getting medical, dental or cosmetic treatment. The term health tourism is similar, but health tourism involves travel for pressure reduction to visit health spa, people rehabilitation and wellness affiliated purposes other than medical, dental or cosmetic treatment. There are many aspects to medical tourism. In the Philippines, there have always been foreign patients who come than in other countries because of their complete and well-known doctors and specialists. It is also a combination of resort destinations. Medical tourism is a field whereabouts only evolve a mark alert. It is like you cannot set bad or be failed. One should seize in an accurate and earliest moment. Public estate for medicine, trained and licensed professionals and the establishment shall all assist the non-native and the native. It can bear a hand to captivate the travelers to cast about the bear cost yet class handling, whom wished to introduce to the other people or loved ones as long as a lengthy break. Medical tourism as far as the different aspect be used to the term something that have an advancement from the breathless grown of the department where about people from the whole wide world were go to Asian rural to attain medical, dental, surgical maintenance and also for the tour and for the break and to have a practical knowledge for the attractive destinations of a rural that they are traveling. The blend of a multiple ingredient has commanding to the new accelerate fashion of medical tourism. The excessive expenditure of the trained and licensed professionals to make an agricultural region, comfort and a bear cost of a foreign tour, appreciative cash trade quality of the overall.
From the 40 respondents of freshman students in De La Salle Lipa that the researchers able to survey, majority of the respondents strongly agreed that medical tourism in the Philippines is important. (See Graph 1) Maybe the students strongly agreed because all people need to receive medical healthcare. As can be seen by the graph (Graph 2) the answer that has the highest percentage is the “agree” pertaining to the statement, “We...

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