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Level Zero Essay

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"Sonova," November grumbled after banging his head for the umpteenth time.
"Hey," Damien snapped. "At least you've not got somebody's fat butt in your face."
"My butt isn't fat shorty," November snapped back.
"I'm not short!" Damien nearly shouted.

To say the least the space wasn't very accommodating, little space between the ceiling and the floor made even crawling difficult. Which just so happened to be what November and Damien were doing. Crawling through a dank sewer system underneath the city they lived in. It was bad enough that they were on their hands and knees in peoples filth but the smell was beyond anything both November and Damien had ever dealt with before and Damien lived in Level Eight. One of the worst parts of the crappy city they just so happened to be citizens of. The best Damien could do was breath shallowly and hopefully not vomit on November's legs.

"Remind me why we're doing this again?" November asked.
"The Fakers found our last route to the meeting site," Damien informed the taller male.
"Oh so now that the Level Five route is out of bounds we need to crawl through the sewers, just lovely," November muttered. "Couldn't have we gone to Level Six and got through that way?"

Damien sighed and then gagged after breathing in the fowl air. November glanced back as well as he could before rolling his eyes. The two continued to make their way down the tunnel. It wasn't meant to be a long journey into the meeting site but the fact that they were crawling, trying to remain quiet, remember the way and generally not make themselves sick just make the whole ordeal seem a millions times longer than it actually.

Once again November proceeded to bang his head on the low ceiling, swear and the two continued on their path under the city. The only reason the two were crawling through a place that normally people wouldn't enter was to save time and avoid being ID'd by the city guards (the 'Fakers'), either way there was no way Damien nor November would ever set foot in the shallow sewers again.

If their previous route hadn't been found out, a lot of time would have been saved. Numerous ideas flew through Damien's mind, mainly to have a few select words with Harley Alexander who was meant to be keeping an eye on the Level 5 route to the meeting site. Damien knew better than to have Harley looking out for anything, the only time the adult was awake was when he was working in the mines or at a meeting. Any other time he was drunk, drinking or passed out from the drink. Why he wasn't dead yet was beyond November, Harley was only 21 but drank enough to challenge somebody twice his age and capacity.

"Remind me to murder Harley for this," November grumbled.

"Oh, don't worry," Damien returned. "I'm planning it too."

The two continued to make their way through the dank area, trying to think of other things besides murdering their reliable friend and what they would catch after crawling through the bloody sewers. November suddenly came to a...

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