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There are three different levels of management within an organization starting with top managers, then middle managers, and finally first-line managers. To begin, top managers according to the textbook “make long-term decisions about the overall direction of the organization and establish the objectives, policies, and strategies for it” (Kinicki and Williams 17). These managers are associated with the elaborate things in the office environment. They are typically the top dogs of a business. Their offices may include the most expensive furniture, top of the line technological equipment, and large windows with the best views in the building. The individuals who typically occupy these types of offices include the presidents, CEO’s, and partners of the company. Others can be celebrities, people on the cover of magazines, confounders, and many others who have made there way to the top! (16-17)
Moreover, what does a typical salary of a top manager look like and what does it take to reach this level? There is a massive gap between the average salary dollar amounts; they can start off right under $300,000 or could go much past $20 million for large companies. Like mentioned previously, top managers are normally the ones who make or approve of the large, long-term decisions of the organization. These individuals have to pay close attention to the outside environment to understand what decisions to make that will progress the organization. Not every individual will reach this position, and in fact, the majority of people will never be at this high level of management, because there is simply no need and no room for everyone to have this level of authority. A top manager is the highest rank on the pyramid with the fewest amounts of opportunities.
The next level of management is the middle managers that fall directly below the top managers. Defined, middle managers “implement the policies and plans of the top managers above hem and supervise and coordinate the activities of the first-line managers below them” (17). The individuals who fall under this category have titles such as plant manager, chief officer, general manager, or divisional manager. Like the definition states, these managers carry out the goals that the top level as set forth by setting goals and tasks for their departments and other affiliations. This level of management may be more involved unlike the top level with the everyday workplace; therefore, they may give important feedback to the top managers based on first-hand experience. These type level jobs vary in salaries and responsibilities among the many organizations. A middle manager can start out making around $50,000 a year or up to around $110,000 a year. Depending on the size of the organization, they may supervise over small or large groups of people (17-18). A middle manager has the opportunity of advancement to reach the top level of the pyramid.
Finally, there is the first-line level of management. These...

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