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Levels Of Planning At Sbc Essay

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Levels of PlanningSouthwestern Bell Communication Inc. is a diversified communications company, owning several of the worlds' leading data, voice and Internet Service Provider. What made SBC transform from a regional telephone into a global communications provider was the leadership of Edward E. Whitacre. Mr. Whitacre, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, did an analysis of the company's weaknesses and strengths when he took over the company in 1990. He knew where the company was at and he knew where he wanted the company to be in the future. At that point SBC was only accessible to certain regions of the United States. He then created a plan to run more fiber optics to different regions and aimed to get more customers. Mr. Whitacre's leadership of the SBC family of companies, once the smallest of the original "Baby Bell", has become one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. Over the past decade his leadership has gotten SBC named the "world most admired" telecommunications company by Fortune magazine for the sixth consecutive year in 2003, making SBC the only telecommunication company to hold the number one spot since the award was published. Fortune magazine also named SBC "America's most admired" telecommunications company for the seventh time in eight years.The mission of SBC Communications Inc. is to meet customers where they are and help them get to where they need to be. That mission starts with the critical local connections provided through its subsidiaries, and build from there with a full range of voice, data and e-business services and solutions to meet a wide range of business and consumer needs.Since the enactment of the telecommunication act in February1996, under the leadership and vision of its CEO, SBC Communications has completed several acquisitions to establish itself as a national provider with more than 168,000 employees. SBC took over Ameritech in 1999, Southern New England Telecommunications in 1998, and in 1997 Pacific Telesis Group. SBC had revenues of 40.8 billion in 2003 and was ranked # 33 on the 2003 Fortune 500 list. Through world-class networks, SBC provides a full range of voice, data, networking, and e-business services, as well as directory advertising and publishing. Being part of a Fortune 50 company, SBC Telecommunications Inc. owns America's leading high speed DSL provider and one of the nation's leading Internet service providers. SBC own 60 percent of America's second largest wireless company, Cingular Wireless, which serves more than 24 million wireless customers. Internationally, SBC has telecommunications investments in 26 countries. In addition, SBC a leader in the diversity effort has been recognized by Fortune and Working Woman magazines, along with the Women's Business Enterprise National Council, the National Minority Business Council, and the National Minority Supplier Development Council.SBC Laboratories, Inc (SBC Labs) is leading into the future, enabling SBC...

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