Levels Of Planning With Mc Donald's (Details The Strategic,Strength,Weakness And Threats And Trends With In Mcdonalds Corporation)

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McDonalds and Their Levels of PlanningEvery company has to have strategic planning to stay on top of their competitors and to be the best in their industry. McDonalds in no accept ion to this rule. Corporations have to first figure out what their strengths are, what they can offer that none of their competitors can. Secondly, they have to analyze their weaknesses and try to find solutions to make them stronger in these departments. Opportunities are another aspect that a corporation has to examine. Do they have good opportunities for growth, or are they the underdog? Lastly threats and trends need to be considered because if a company such as McDonalds had a lot of threats from other fast food chains they may not stay in business long and trends only last for a short period of time, you have to know when to start a trend and when the trend is ending. Therefore, you can be ahead of your market. McDonalds has obviously implemented a SWOTT plan into their organization, or else they would not be one of the leading fast food chains in America.In the late 1990's McDonald's Corporation single minded marketing approach aimed directly at children that began to quickly stumble. According to Chief Executive Officer, Michael Quinlan, the chain admitted the weakness of its centralized, one-size fits all strategy. McDonald's planning tactics geared solely on the idea that if you bring the children in, the parents will follow lead was quickly re-examined as the company began to realize that nutrition and taste, were an important step that had been neglected in the original planning; not just for children but for the parents also. This decision to take a look at their original plan, which was due in part to the increase in child obesity and the role of fast food chains, played in this disease. Also involved was a lawsuit filed by parents directly against McDonalds blaming the corporation for making their children fat (Economist, 2000). This decline in profits along with the lawsuit, forced the hand of McDonald's Corporation to create a strategic recovering plan focusing on the entire family. McDonald's new back-to-basics turnaround strategy (Gallun, 2004) proved to be the beginning of an incredible financial turnaround. The new philosophy for the corporation focused on healthier meals and providing high quality customer service proved to be the most positive marketing strategies the company had ever implemented. The strength of this new plan which focused over $3million dollars in research and development included items such as drinkable yogurts and all-white-meat chicken nuggets, one of the corporations biggest selling food item. Thanks to the strategic planning by Jim Cantalupo, Chief Executive at the time, the beginning of the new century was also the beginning of a three-year corporate increase in sales profit.Due to being an international company, changes in the global economy affects McDonald's plans for international expansion. McDonald's top seven...

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