Levi's Dockers Creating A Sub Brand

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Qn 1) Explain what is Levi's brand image and what makes up its brand equity. In this regard, assess the role of its flagship 501 jeans product. (40 marks)Brand image can be defined as perceptions about a brand as reflected by the brand associations held in consumer memory. It is basically what exists in the mind of consumers, total of all the information they have received about the brand from experience, word of mouth, advertising, packaging, services etc. And the information is modified by selective perception, previous beliefs, and social norms.The brand image perceived by consumers of Levi's products includes durable, comfortable, approachable, affordable, contemporary, individuality, independence, casual, fashionable and adventurous, when it became an indispensable part of miner's uniform and gain reputation for being as tough and rugged as the people who wore them. It is also comfortable enough to fit into the workers everyday lives both in physical and social sense. Its affordability was also adored by students and miners. It has also become an essential commodity available to defense worker during WWII.It portrays individuality, fashionable, independence when students and teenage idol wear 501 as a form of self expression and has become the essential fashion for the emerging baby boomers where it has transforms from a pair of tough pants to a symbol of freedom, adventure and independence.Most importantly, Levi's 501 jeans had become an icon and its brand name had become synonymous with jeans where people tend to associate jeans whenever they saw the Levi's logo. It had successfully been made known to millions of Americans and had established its brand image in the hearts of every consumer.Brand equity was defines as "the value of a brand based on the extent to which it has high brand loyalty, name awareness, perceived quality, strong brand associations, and other assets such as patents, trademarks, and channel relationships."THE GALLUP BRAND EQUITY MEASUREMENT MODELBased on Gallup Brand equity measurement model, the components of Brand Equity are the integration of several interrelated key brand characteristics: They are:Brand Presence is the degree to which the brand "stands out" from its competition. Levi's have managed to claim familiarity and hence have become synonymous with jeans. The success of Levi's 501 jeans has become an icon and this mark the market leader position for Levi's.Levi's brand established brand awareness by inventing the first patented double arcuate pattern sewn into the back hip pocket which became American's first apparel trademark and the "Two Horse Brand" leather patch which act as the symbol & logo to enable consumers to recall and recognise & associate jeans with Levi's Brand.Brand Position is the degree to which the brand is uniquely positioned and perceptually differentiated from its competitors and Levi's brand personality is driven largely by the firm's heritage of providing clothes for miners,...

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3587 words - 14 pages segmentation and promotion appeal.3. Analyse and comment on the strategy of Levi's and its approach in maintaining leadership in the jeans market.2. SWOT analysis.INTERNAL - StrengthsPosition: Levi's has a market leading position, Levi's is the most named brand of jeans bought or received in the last 2 years - 34% of men and 24% of women in a purchase survey.Brand Image: Huge promotion (August 2000) for 'Engineered' jeans (LEJ) positioned denim

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950 words - 4 pages showing consumers that one can be calm and comfortable in their pair of Levi's® brand jeans. Next is the objective of differentiating a product. This promotion accomplishes this task by modeling Levi's® exclusive styles such as 518 Superlow Boot Cut Jeans and 560 Loose Straight Jeans. A consumer would not be able to find these styles in any other brand. This plan also aspires to accentuate the product's value from a social

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3702 words - 15 pages selecting countries in which to do business, it was one of the first MNC to clearly support and endorse the UN's GC vision; in areas such as protecting human rights; not compromising any operations in human rights abuses; elimination of forced, compulsory and child labor. In the media and within the corporate community, LS&CO was applauded for creating such a set of standards (Hodgetts and Luthans, 2000).3.1Application of Levi's Ethical Values

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915 words - 4 pages males (Gladwell, 1997). This campaign was cunningly simple and showed only males wearing the pants being advertised with the background noise filled with men having a casual conversation (Gladwell, 1997). This tactic was used because studies showed that Dockers’ target market felt an absence in adult male friendships. (Gladwell, 1997). The simplicity of the advertisements was accentuated as to not to deter possible customers by creating a fashion

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886 words - 4 pages , the Levi Red Tab Evolutions campaign aims to reinvigorate the brand by breaking from the traditional advertising method commonly used for jeans. The chosen ad, through the use of a pair of digitally enhanced feet shaped as high heels, portrays the jeans as funky, original and self-assured, and its flexibility allows for the brand to tailor its appeal to the consumers self-image. The ad suggests that wearing Levi's Red Tab Evolutions jeans will

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1954 words - 8 pages information, they may be sceptical and may choose to ignore the message. Having said that, somebrands have been successful in creating a powerful image. "Consumer's attachments to certain brand names, such as Marlboro, Coca-cola, and Levi's are so powerful that this loyalty is often considered as a positive product attribute in and of itself." (Solomen, Bamossy & Askegaard, 1999, p.230).*Out of stock situation may also force the customers to

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5236 words - 21 pages for kidConverse Puma Levi's StraussBody Master Dockers Hard Rock CaféAvon Sailor moon Crayon Shin ChanDragoon Ball Lonely Tunes Cave KidsGarfield Winnie The Pooh NFLSnoopy Tenderly Superman2.0 Strategic Analysis of the CompanyIt is crucial to have a thorough understanding of all the aspects surrounding Hytex before laying down a comprehensive strategic plan to improve corporate productivity as well as enhance the company's competitive

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1224 words - 5 pages or advertising types/strategies such as functional ads or emotional ads. For a known product, an informational role of advertising may emphasise making people aware of more attributes of a product or company. For a new brand/product the persuasive task can ultimately lead people to take an interest in or desire it before they have ever purchased it. For this reason, advertisements take on diverse persuasive methods such as creating a brand image

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2657 words - 11 pages INTRODUCTION “A brand is a distinguishing name and/or symbol intended to identify the goods or services of either on seller or group of sellers, and to differentiate those goods or services from those of competitors” (Aaker 1991).A brand is the most valuable asset for an organization in the current competing world. Every organization is formulating strategies to make its brand popular and significant not only in markets but also in minds of the

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1385 words - 6 pages portion of the time, the brand means nothing. What do brand names want us to believe? That by buying these expensive jeans or products, we are rising above our peers. They are feeding us ads and creating a lust for status symbols in our minds. A good portion of the population longs for these symbols to distinguish themselves in society. For example, in the New York Times Magazine article "Blue Jean Masterpiece," Rob Walker

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