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Does being adopted by a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) couple affect a child’s thinking process/decisions? By looking at the fact that there is no reliable evidence that shows that homosexual orientation, impairs psychological functioning, and growing up in a gay couple household will not “make” a child gay, it is clear that a child is more affected by interaction with their parents and the negative reactions of the public to the family itself, than by their sexual orientations of the parents.
The reality that homosexuals are fully capable of adopting children may be hard for some people to accept. But for adoption agencies to display prejudice and ignorance and disallow ...view middle of the document...

Over the years, the number of children that are living with LGBT parents has risen tremendously. And as same sex adoption and parenting becomes more and more widely accepted, the number will only increase.
We are in an era where many children are being raised by single parents, and with proven disadvantages at that! Disadvantages such as lower educational achievements, and behavioral problems have been found in children that are being raised by a single parent. Yet this is actually acceptable in the minds of some people, it is acceptable that a child have disadvantages in life, and have bad behavior because they only have the care and love of one parent, but an LGBT couple can provide a child with two full time parents, and all the love, care, and support in the world, yet this is judged and not accepted at all in some places. Also, children raised in same sex households have been proven to be more open minded about different types of lifestyles, more sympathetic to the differences of others, and also more likely to believe in equality for all people. Whereas a child that is raised in a traditional straight household with a female and a male for parents, are more likely to think that the way they live, is how everyone should live. They grow up thinking that the way they live, is the correct and ONLY way people should be living.
The picture to the left (Credit Jed Kirschbaum/Baltimore Sun, via Associated Press) is a picture of Fred Phelps, his wife, and his daughter in Baltimore 2007. The picture is a representation, of Fred Phelps and all that he stood for. Fred Phelps was the pastor at Westboro...

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